Monday, May 9, 2011

Brayden at 25 months (2 year Stats).

I have no intenion to write a post for every month of the second year of my first born's life. HOWEVER. I feel as though I need to chronicle some of the things that are going on with Mr. B just 25 months into his life.

He is talking more than ever! Some of my favorite things he says are:
"You're so silly pappa/daddy/momma" (to whoever he's talking to).
"Oh gosh momma!" (he then slaps his knee and fake laughs.)
"I high five my friends"
"I'm Mr. Cool."
"I need to dance."

He says "hi" and "bye" to anyone and everyone. If someone responds back, he thinks it's hilarious, and will continue saying "hi" or "bye" for as long as they repeat it. This is especially endearing to the elderly.

He loves,loves,loves his brother. He loves to "wrestle" with Connor, which scares the crap out of me, but I allow it as long as I am there to watch.

He climbs on everything and has no fear of danger. As proven in his bbq grill incident this past weekend.

He still eats a wide assortment of odd objects. Crayons, dog poop, dirt, candy wrappers. This is especially frustrating to me, but after today's doctor visit I'm hopefuly we may have an answer to our problem. Apparently there is a medical disorder called Pica. If you read the description, the only thing that is listed that B has not eaten is hairballs. And quite frankly, I wouldn't put it past the child to not try that as well! After talking everything over with our pediatrician, he recommended we check Brayden's iron levels. Sure enough, his preliminary tests came back low, so today after our well checks we were sent over to the lab to have Brayden's blood drawn. I must say, my little man was SO brave, only crying for 2 seconds right after they put the needle in his arm. The lab results came back this evening, and those were low too (albeit borderline, but low nonetheless), so B is now on iron supplements to see if we can curb some of his appetite for odd things. We'll go back to the lab in about a month to see if what we're doing is working.

And lest I forget, his 2 year stats:
34.5 inches tall: 50th percentile.
29 pounds: 50th percentile.

I love this little boy so much, and despite a lot of the discipline issues I have with him, he has captured my heart. I love you Brayden Thomas-- you're my little buddy!

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