Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend in Review. alternately titled: I freak when I see blood.

Well, the title kind of blew my storyline, but I guess that's what I get for wanting people to know about our weekend.

The weekend actually was really laid back, with nothing on the agenda. Drew was off on a camping trip all weekend, and I hung out with the boys, ran errands and played outside most of the day on Friday and Saturday. By Saturday afternoon I thought to myself: geez, I haven't really taken any pictures and we haven't even done anything blog worthy. Maybe I can skip weekend in review. Oh contrare. Let me just break it down for you...

The weather was BEA-UTIFUL on Saturday, so we spent much of the afternoon out on walks, or in the backyard playing. Brayden requested to play outside after dinner, so we all went outside after dinner... B, Connor and myself. Around 6:30 I told B he had 5 more minutes before it was bath time, and I turned around to grab Connor. Literally, the minute I turned around, B let our a SHRIEKING scream. For those of you who know B, anytime he screams from pain, he means business... he has the highest pain tolerance known to man. When I turned around, my heart sunk to my stomach, for there lay Brayden on the ground, pinned underneath the bbq grill (and no, it was not on). I pulled the grill off of him, and blood started POURING out of his mouth. I tried to reach in his mouth to see if it was teeth, but the blood was so thick and flowing so fast I couldn't see. So I ran inside to grab some water. That washed it away enough to see a gouge in his upper lip the size of a tooth. It looked as though his tooth had tried to make it's way through his lip-- it failed, but left a hefty hole. Blood was everywhere at this point, so I ran into the house for ice. B would NOT put the ice in his mouth and was still screaming uncontrollably. Worried that he might need stitches, I threw both of the kids in the car and drove down the street to my friends house so that her husband could look at B's mouth. I also called the doctor on call. After talking with the nurse and finally getting the blood to stop, we decided he didn't need stitches and will just have a pretty bad busted lip. Praise the Lord it was only his lip. I figure if it was any higher on his face we'd be singing a different song today. Here are some pics of the war wound:

the shorts
he was wearing a dark shirt, but I still wanted to be sure the blood came out of it. I sprayed Oxyclean on it, which foams whenever it touches blood. This should give you an idea of how much blood we were dealing with.
still cuter than anything... even with a busted lip :)

Aside from the grill drama, I also made a TON of homemade baby food this weekend. I made pears, plums, peas, mangos and cauliflower. I'll be posting some more tutorials later this week to show off Connor's new stash of goodies in the freezer :)

Drew got back to the house this morning just in time for church. After church the boys and I napped while Drew finished his final. When the boys woke up my request was that we hit up TCBY for the free yogurt for moms (don't worry, the boys got some yogurt too!), and then headed home for a nice steak dinner.

me with the boys on Mothers Day. God has blessed me so richly through these two little men.

That's really all of our weekend. We didn't do a whole lot, and other than our let's hang on daddy's bbq incident, we were relatively drama free :) It's a busy, busy, busy week this week... hope yall enjoy the nice SUMMER weather we'll be experiencing :)

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