Friday, May 6, 2011

Facebook Status Friday.

Man. What a week. It started out ok, had a few rough dips, and then ended on a good note. I'll let my facebook status' highlight what's happened this week:

These were ALL on Tuesday. Perhaps you can see why I wrote the last one :)
 just had visions of fruit exploding in my kitchen, as I caught Brayden holding the uncut cantaloupe like a basketball (and I'm sure that's what he thought it was).

The kid is just obsessed with anything sports. And anything that seems like it could possibly be associated with sports, he converts. This the cantaloupe basketball. Thankfully I found him before he threw it, otherwise I might be telling a different story.

highlight of the day: Brayden telling me that he needed to pee-pee, and then pee-peeing on the potty. lowlight of the day: the transmission on the Civic went out (for the second time of the life of the car). Oh what a rollercoaster life is.

It's been an 'I need a margarita' type of day :/

Thankfully Wednesday was MUCH better!
 Brayden pee-peed and pooped on the potty today on two separate occasions. I guess I am officially unofficially potty training whether I wanted to or not. So proud of my little man!

And then Thursday was so-so:
can anyone recommend a place to have my lens fixed? It's snagging and will only zoom between 35-70mm (it's a Canon 28-135).

{sigh}. I have to call Canon tomorrow. I may be forced to upgrade my lens sooner than I thought.

Wanna make me smile? Grab the button and link on up! I love reading about yall's week through facebook! Have a great weekend!


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