Tuesday, May 3, 2011


That's right. It's plural, and it's not a typo. I went to the salon tonight with both boys in tow, with intentions to get BOTH BOYS haircuts. So long to the long baby locks of little Connor.

Yes, I was sad. And still am a little. But I am SO thankful that my good friend David cuts my boys (and MY!) hair. He's SO good with the boys, and Brayden LOVES him. On the way to the salon Brayden kept saying "Dabid? BZZZZZ..." and motioning his hands over his hair. Brayden sits in the chair all by himself and sits so still... which is SO not like him, but a testament to the fact that he trusts David.

And little Connor? He followed right in suit with big brother, sitting as still as a 5.5 month old will sit while the razor buzzed and the scissors snipped. And I have to say, that even though I was a bit sentimental, it does look a lot better now that the mullet is gone and his hair is now above his ears :) He looks SO big to me now :(

what is happening to me?!?!
Picnik collage
by the end (which was only about 10 minutes!), he was done! haha!

And here's the mophead himself getting his cut. He always giggles because it tickles :)


I have a cute video too, but it takes FOREVER to upload, so I'll post it sometime later this week once it finishes :)

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