Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend in Review

What a fun weekend this has been, even despite the NEVER.ENDING.RAIN. I'm trying to keep perspective, as it could be much, much worse.

Friday we just hung around the house. Connor practiced sitting a lot (he's constantly trying to pull himself up into a sitting position, so I tried to help him out a bit). We're OBVIOUSLY still a work in progress :)

connor sitting

Saturday Drew went kayaking in the morning, while Brayden, Connor and I set out to help our little friend Sawyer celebrate his 2nd birthday! Sawyer and Brayden are two days apart, so it's fun watching them interact together and build a friendship. Brayden calls him "Sawdy", and will talk a lot about wanting to see Sawdy to give him a high five! Since I had two babies with me, I only brought my point and shoot, and I think got 2 pictures the entire time, both of Brayden. Katie did a great job decorating (it was a golf theme, which was a HIT, especially with the boys!). Thanks so much for inviting us to Sawyer's big event Katie! We love hanging out with you guys every week at the park!

little lovies (and please excuse the mismatched bib. It was on so he wouldn't ruin the outfit before we left).
I gave up, and let him eat cookies for lunch. Life's short, right?!
Before he got to it, this bucket was filled with golf balls for a "driving range" for the kids.

Saturday afternoon the sun came out a bit, so when Drew came home from his little adventure, he decided to re-till the garden and go and grab some vegetable plants. Brayden helped out with the tilling...


We've planted a garden the past 3 years, and with the increased price of produce I am REALLY excited to have some things in our backyard growing (especially considering we KNOW how they were grown!). I'm also especially excited to grow butternut squash for Connor... yay for homemade baby food from the seed to the table :) Speaking of homemade baby food, I plan on doing another little step by step post about greens beans this week.

Here's some cute pics of the boys playing in the backyard while daddy finished up the garden:


I don't even want to edit out the drool. It's just him right now. Drool, raspberries, cuteness and drool. And just so you are forewarned, he'll be getting his first haircut on Tuesday. I know, I know. He's only 5 months old. But since Drew really doesn't like the whole mullet and hair going past your ears look on boys (and I'm not so much a fan of the mullet myself), we decided it was time. Don't expect anything drastic-- I'm not sure I can handle that! But a cut's a cut a cut. I'm so thankful that my dear friend David cuts my boy's hair. Otherwise I'm not sure they'd EVER get it cut (I don't trust many hair dressers!).

Today was church, and not much else. It's also the third weekend in a row that we've helped out in the nursery. WHEW. Talk about wearing! I love working with the little babies, but I won't lie and say that I'm not looking forward to a week off next week :) I also made my weekly trip to Walgreens this week. We were actually nearing being out of a couple of things, so I was glad I got the sales that we did. This week my total out of pocket (not including tax) was $15.24. Not too shabby, huh?!


Since I really don't want this blog to be ALL about my coupon finds, if you're interested in knowing a breakdown of my transactions let me know and I'll give you a list of how I did it. I saved over $45 in coupons today alone!And just to note, these are all items we use... I don't think it's worth my time and energy to get things we won't use, so I don't do it, even if it's a good deal. The item I was most excited about? The denture cleaner. haha! I use it to clean my retainer, and I've NEVER been able to get such a good deal on it (I was able to get it for less than a dollar a box!).

And that was our weekend! We're looking forward to a week of down time between classes for Drew (he's in an MBA program, so studies most nights and weekends). Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can have some fun family time :) Hope everyone has a great week!

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