Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend in Review

Well, I had every intention of posting this last night, but if you've watched the news even for a millisecond, then you know that the Northwest Arkansas and especially southwestern Missouri got slammed with some bad,bad storms last night. Thankfully we were spared the brunt of the storm, but Joplin got hammered. Watching the news makes me teary eyed, thinking that it was that close. We hunkered down in the bathroom twice last night. Please pray for Joplin and our sorrounding area, as the storms will not be letting up until Wednesday night this week.

Friday night we just hung out as a family, enjoying the nice weather and outdoors, since the weather forecast looks pretty depressing for the next week.

Saturday Drew got up with Brayden so that I could get a few extra minutes of sleep (literally-- C was up within 15 minutes of B). Drew and B hit up a local donut shop, while C and I stayed home and ate breakfast peacefully. After breakfast Drew decided that we should have a morning to ourselves, no kids, so we quickly packed the kids up and dropped them off at our fitness center (they offer childcare on Saturdays where you can actually leave the premises, so it's a good way to get cheap child care if we want an informal date). Drew and I went to Best Buy to look at surround sounds... Brayden shoved a few too many DVD's into our stereo system and busted it, so we're due an upgrade. We have absolutely no idea what the new technology is, and so we went to figure things out. I think we've narrowed it down to what we want to get, but it's about $400 so we're waiting a bit (which means no movies right now-- bummer). I also wanted to check out the Canon 60d, since that's more than likely in my future as an upgrade. I am so frustrated because EVERYWHERE I go they don't have power to the cameras and so I can't try it out. Plus, sometimes I feel as though when I talk to the sales guys that they don't really know anything. For example on Saturday the guy said "yeah, I think if I could get anything I'd get the 5d... that's what they shoot House (the tv show) with." I was like, oh really?! that's awesome. Do you know if it's the mark 1 or mark II? He looked at me and said, no the 5d. And I was like, right. The 5d has two generations. The Mark II offers HD video, but I was unaware if the 1st generation had video capabilities. The guy, still staring at me, said, yeah, uh, right. The mark ii I guess. And then he told me he could hook me up with a sweet deal of no interest financing for 1 year if I wanted to get the Canon 60d kit. Umm... no thanks.

We finished our morning date with a stroll in the outdoor mall and some frozen yogurt (I have a serious addiction problem to the fro yo yall... I think I could stand under the machine and just endulge myself by the minute... YUM!). We went to pick up the kiddos and headed to the downtown area to watch the grand re-opening of the Walton 5 and Dime store. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it's the first Walmart. Where Sam Walton laid his roots and started his dreams. And it's right here in NWA. Drew really wanted to go and check things out. So we did. And we lasted a good 30 minutes before kids got whiny, and we headed home for naptime.

Saturday afternoon I had a photoshoot of my friend's family. She has 3 kids under 4 years, so it was interesting trying to get everyone to cooperate. The place we shot at is gorgeous though, and think that I'll be shooting more there soon! When I got home we all ate dinner outside and basically stayed out there until it was bedtime. Brayden was CRACKING us up, running around naked yelling "I hit the fly"-- trying to catch all of the flies. He also realized that he could aim to pee, and has now taken up peeing on the fence. At one point when the stream started getting smaller, he was basically hugging the fence to get just a little bit more on there-- BOYS :) We also played with sidewalk chalk, which is fun for mommy too!

Today has been our typical Sunday-- church, naps, playing at the park, etc. We decided to treat ourselves to a local bbq place since I had some coupons for free sandwiches. It was DELISH, and so nice to not have to cook or clean up dishes after church. This afternoon the boys and I went to our outdoor mall to look for some t-shirts for them, and then to let B play at the park (getting in that outdoor play while we can!).

And that was basically our weekend. We have a laid back week ahead, so I am hopeful to catch up on some housekeeping that I have embarrassingly been putting off. We took a few pics but because of the storms last night I have yet to have a chance to upload them yet. I'll try to do that later tonight. Happy Monday!

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