Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brayden Today.

There are some days, like yesterday, that make me want to scream and wish I could go to a happy place that didn't have small children (also known as my closet).

And there are days like today. That despite some of the frustrations a two year old can bring, he also brings this:

And you can be sure I was smiling behind the camera when he "showed me his muscles":
IMG_0213low res

And melted my heart when he walked in the kitchen and said "hi mommy... CHEESE!" with his sunglasses neatly propped up on his head as if he's spent every waking minute of his short life in Cali on the beach.
IMG_0226low res

Yes, make no mistake. I have hard days. Sometimes they seem unbearably hard. But I wouldn't trade him for the world. And all too soon, I know that he won't want to practice Mr. Cool muscle techniques with me, and he won't think I'm the most smashin' girl in town (even when I haven't had a shower in two days). So I'll take it. All of it. I love you Mr. Cool :)

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