Friday, May 6, 2011

Daddy's Day Off: A Trip to the Safari.

To celebrate another class down and the official half-way mark into Drew's MBA program, he took two (well deserved) days off. Wednesday we decided to go to a local safari place here in Northwest Arkansas. Drew and I have been before with my family, and it was such a fun time, so I've been DYING to bring Brayden, who is just in love with all things animal. As expected, Brayden LOVED it. He loved sitting on Daddy's lap "driving", seeing all of the animals (we were even brave and broke the rules, rolling the window down for him to pet a baby cow during the drive through). He especially liked the petting zoo, where they had goats, roosters, kangaroos, and a pot bellied pig! Brayden was SO excited about the roosters, and kept saying "cocadoodledoo's!!!!" It was so cute. And then he would go from goat to goat giving them hugs (gross). We even had some animal feed with us, so we were able to feed them from our hands.

Connor enjoyed the day too, although by the end he had had enough of being in his carseat. Can't say I don't blame him.

The bummer of the trip was that sometime in the middle of the drive through, as I reached back to the back to grab my SLR, my lens slid out of place, and is now stuck between 35-70mm. It's a good lens, and has lasted me for 5 years. I'm currently trying to decide if I should get it fixed (someone told me it could be up to $200 just to get it fixed through Canon) or just bite the bullet and upgrade my lens like I've been wanting to for quite a while. BUMMER.

Here are a few slew of pics we took during our little sarfari excursion:

there were a lot of squirrels wandering around, and we just laughed at them because they were SO fat. Clearly they are smart for finding a place like this to live :)
We laughed at this Arctic Fox. Drew said it was like he was saying "it's TOO hot here... send me back to the arctic!" LOL.
there are a TON of these Emu's, and they they are kind of a little agressive, and start RUNNING up to your car window. this was as good of a shot as I was comfortable getting :)
I'm sorry, if you don't believe in God after seeing an animal like a zebra, then I don't know what's going to make your mind up for you. They are so amazing to just stare at and to think that God created that. He's clearly an artist :)
seeing Rhinos always makes me think of that scene in Ace Ventura. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, then you probably don't want to know, so I'll just leave it for my fellow Jim Carey fans to figure out :)
this cute Mama prarie dog had a ton of babies all scurrying around her. I felt kinda bad for her when she appeared, they all ran up and all wanted to nurse. And I thought I had it bad with ONE nursing baby. LOL.
yes, I was a little nervous they would bite his fingers off. But they were surprisingly gentle.
you can kind of tell in this picture-- Brayden was BEAMING. He LOVED feeding the animals!
this is what happens when you ask your husband to take over camera duty. Pictures of your butt. And a Llama's.
this poor pig was SO fat that she could barely move.
petting the kangaroo. This one had joey's in it's pouch, and you could see them kicking around. SO cool.
He found a rock. I'm pretty sure we could have brought him to a quarry and he would have been just as content. The kid LOVES rocks. I'm just waiting for the day he figures out he can STORE the rocks in his pockets.
this poor Tortoise got sand kicked on him by a certain toddler who will go unnamed.
Drew and I laughed at this cow... isn't it's hair hilarious?! Drew kept narrating the animals throughout the safari. This one said "man, this weed is a lot better if you smoke it!" LOL.
"don't mind us. Just a bunch of BUFFALO coming through."
right after I snapped this picture this cow started using our mirror to scratch it's horns. great.
nothing like a llama at your window :)
dude. I know a dentist in town. I think you need one.
these baby monkey's were SO cute. Brayden knelt down to touch them, and they stayed there. He was able to touch their hand and was SO excited about it.
me with the littlest mister, who was sporting his 1 day old new haircut :)
I'm pretty sure this is how I look most days-- half asleep and trying desperately to walk around... haha!
I asked B to go and stand next to the Turkey so I could take his picture. He obliged, but for about .2 miliseconds. Strangely enough, he was only scared of the turkey out of all of the animals we saw.

I tried not to let my bummer experience of my lens breaking to ruin the entire afternoon. And for the most part, it didn't. And if you needed proof that it was a fun experience... look who was zonked out before we had even traveled two blocks after leaving:

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