Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brayden's First Trip to the Dentist.

Today I was a proud momma as my big boy had his first dentist appointment. We actually made the appointment 2 months ago-- can you believe that it's that long of a wait to get in to see the DENTIST?! Wowsers.

For the past two weeks I've been talking to Brayden about what the dentist would do. How he would have a pointer to point to all of his teeth, and how he would want to polish all of his teeth with a big special BUZZING toothbrush. Brayden would always kind of stare at me blankly, but whenever I would bring up the dentist again non-chalantly, he'd tell me what they were going to do (he'd even ask if Dr. Daby-- what he calls our pediatrician-- was going to check his heart. I guess he thought since I kept calling it a doctor's office that it was a full body work up... LOL). We even practiced our big open wide AHHH mouths. I was worried that even with all of the peptalk he would freak out a bit, but he did SO good from start to finish.

I didn't bring C along as originally planned. I probably could have on a normal visit, but about 3-4 weeks ago, Brayden pulled the grill on top of himself, and it smacked his face pretty good. Since that time his front four teeth have become increasingly gray. So much so that it had Drew and I really worried they might suggest to pull his teeth, so I wanted to be able to talk to the dentist if we needed to discuss serious treatments. So my dear friend Katie watched C while B and I went along for the appointment. When we pulled up to the actual dental office, there were all kinds of lifelike jungle animal sculptures protruding from the building-- it was like we had arrived at Disney land. Brayden was in awe, and I made sure to make a big deal out of it-- like we were at the coolest place EVER (and indeed, it was PRETTY darn cool!).

Greeting the Gorilla (complete with a Razorback hat) before we went in.

The inside was the same way-- all kinds of sculptures, video games, movies and a fish tank.

There was an alligator hanging from the ceiling :)
the movie theatre
sitting on the wild chairs
giving one of the many monkeys a kiss
this was the middle of the waiting room, and B's favorite part.

After he got called back we had to get x-rays. I think I was more nervous than he was. And when the technician said to open up and say "AHH" he did it! SO big!

checkin' it out...
"say AHHHHH!"

We went to the back where the chairs are lined up. In the ceiling they have flat screen tv's, and thankfully Toy Story was playing above Brayden's chair-- HEAVEN. He sat still the entire time, doing exactly like the hygienist said, and was even still for the doctor. Here's a video of part of his cleaning:

this was by his chair when we walked in... so cute!

He didn't even try to get up until they told him he was all done! He gave them a high five, grabbed his goodies (a rubber ducky squirter and a new toothbrush), and walked out the door like he'd been going to the dentist for years. I absolutely loved this office... it's SO kid friendly and our doctor and hygienist were great. And I'm so proud of my super boy, who may be a strong-willed mess, but is SO cooperative at the doctor's office, and so brave with new things! I love you Brayden Thomas!

PS- When I brought up the graying teeth, the hygienist casually mentioned that sometimes children's teeth can discolor from iron, and if that was the case with Brayden, it should come right off with the cleaning. The light bulb went off for me then, because B has been on iron supplements for the past month due to his iron deficiency, but he started them at the same time as the grill incident so I never put the two together! And just like the hygienist said, the discoloration came right off the minute she cleaned his teeth. i asked if there was anything I could do at home (since we already brush his teeth twice a day) and unfortunately there really isn't. I'm just SO grateful that it's nothing serious. Drew and I were having nightmares of them telling us we'd need to pull all 4 teeth. Aside from the vane part of me who wants my child's teeth to look pretty, I was horrified with the bill we might have to face of pulling 4 teeth. Thank you God for an easy fix!

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