Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend in Review

Well, in case you missed my post on Friday, then you might not know that Drew's mom was able to visit us unexpectedly this weekend. Well, I mean, we had a week to prepare, but that's nothing considering most trips that they come out this way it's well planned out in advance. We were so excited to get to see Dottie (aka to the boys as "Mamaw" which Brayden quickly shortened to "Maw" while she was here). Friday Dottie arrived, so we spent the afternoon playing, catching up and of course, what good is an afternoon with Mamaw without some snuggles? :) Her grandboys love her so much!

yes, Brayden is eating a stick. We like to keep it organic around here :)
Mamaw helped Brayden be a monkey and climb up the tree... he LOVED it!
I don't know why, but this picture makes me giggle. haha!
showing off his awesome baseball skills.
I pulled out the camera, and he said "cheeeeeeese!" and posed like this. H-A-M.
Working on vroom vroom puzzles with Mamaw.

Saturday we went to Brayden's swim lessons. I was able to sneak a few pics of the lesson through the window that I normally watch from, and Dottie was able to watch from the side of the pool. Brayden is doing SO well, and I am so proud of him! He's going to be a little fish in no time!

(sorry these pics are dark and fuzzy... I only had my point and shoot and the lighting in the swim room is less than ideal for pictures)
This is how Connor spends every Saturday morning... conked out and snuggle buggle in his car seat... isn't he so sweet?!
After B's lessons we let him run around on the basketball courts. It's pure love! This week one of the little girls who was playing loaned B her ball so he could shoot.
proof that the child has no fear.

After swim lessons we decided to venture to Sam's club on our weekly ritual. We enjoyed a pizza lunch (as always), samples and got a few necessities before heading home for naps. In the afternoon Drew set to task on the fence reinforcements. If you've read my blog for a while, then you might remember last summer, when our neighbors got 2 pitbulls. They've been a nuisance ever since, and quite honestly I was fearful that Brayden would get his fingers bit off with the way they snarled and growled at him anytime he got even close to the fence (imagine my horror one afternoon not too long ago when I walked outside to see him sticking his fingers THROUGH the fence and laughing as the pits growled at him!). We're thankful for good friends who came over and helped Drew complete the fence reinforcement in no time.

Mamaw hanging out with her boys. I LOVE this picture!
what a treat- B was sharing his blankets with Mamaw!
This sweet little thing is Miss Brooklyn, our friends Crystal and Josh's miracle baby. She's exactly a month older than Connor. Isn't she precious?!
Another one of little Brooklyn. MMM... she is so sweet!
Dottie got to hold TWO babies at one time! Such talent! And my word, Connor is a month younger, but he's clearly got a few pounds on his female counterpart.
Josh and Drew hard at work on the 'pit bull free zone'.

Sunday we had church. It was SUCH a good service about being in the world, but not of the world. Such a fine line to walk as a believer, and such a great reminder to not seclude ourselves from society, but to set ourselves apart. SO good. Sunday afternoon I had a photoshoot for a dear friend who just had a baby, and then we lounged around for the rest of the day. Drew's mom took care of the boys in the evening so Drew and I could steal a few precious moments away... thanks so much Dottie!

Drew's mom left this morning around the same time Drew left for work. We've been recuperating from the weekend in our pj's all day today-- mainly doing laundry-- my never ending nimisis.

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