Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Take It Back.

Right. So remember earlier today about how I told you how productive I was, and how we were all feeling better and happy? I take it back.

This afternoon Brayden woke up from his nap particularly fussy. When I went in to get him I asked him if everything was OK, and he shook his head no and pointed to his ear. He then proceeded to continue to tug on his ear and cry when I laid him down to change his diaper. I kind of thought "ear infection" at that point, but decided surely he wasn't TELLING me what hurt (he'd never done so before now). I bundled up both boys because I had to go and get my Rhea Lana's marketing material. B was pretty quiet during the drive, but when we got home he was again fussy and clingy. He kept pulling on his ear so I asked him if it hurt and he replied "yes." OH NO. Then I tried to touch his ear, and he started crying before my finger was even close. At that point it was about 5pm, so I called Drew, who was skeptical. Here's the deal though: we're expecting 3-10 inches of snow (I know that is a drastic range, but the meterologists in Arkansas can't really predict our snowfall amounts very well, so they just throw random numbers out there) tonight and on into tomorrow. At the slightest hint of flurries our entire metropolis shuts down, meaning I wouldn't have anywhere to take B should it indeed turn into a nasty ear infection. That combined with the fact that he is breaking all four of his 2 year molars, and he's had a pretty serious cough and runny nose for 9 days, it's an easy assumption that he MIGHT have an ear infection. So as soon as Drew got home, I packed B back up into the car, headed to Walmart and got in line at the walk-in clinic. We had to wait for an hour and a half... thank the Lord for McDonalds! After we ate dinner we walked around the store. Brayden was quite the attraction, as many of the adults passing by just laughed. He would (loudly) yell about the baloons (they have Valentines baloons all over the store), make comments about the shoes, and when we went to the tv section they had highlights from the superbowl, so he would explaim about touchdowns and "FOOTBALL!" One lady commented that we'd started him early... haha! I just told her he has a natural attraction to all things sports. By about 7:20 we were finally called up front, and were able to see a doctor, who was able to quickly diagnose Brayden with an ear infection (in the ear that he told me hurt!) and a slight upper respiratory infection. LOVELY. On a positive note, I am glad we've finally made it to a point where I can ask Brayden where it hurts and he is able to tell me exactly what and where it hurts.

The pharmacy at the Walmart we were at had a 3 hour wait, so I had the doctor call the Rx to a Walgreens close to a friends house, since I had to run that way anyway to drop some stuff off to her. So I went home, dropped off a sick and tired Brayden to Drew and headed to my friends house. I literally feel like I have driven all over Northwest Arkansas all night long. I am EXHAUSTED. I didn't get a nap like I thought I would today, I am sick of seeing my babies sick, I am drained from being needed constantly, and I am SICK of snow (they're now prediction close to a foot of snow again... I literally wanted to cry when I saw the purple color cover our area). I know many of you are praying... I can feel it. Please continue to pray. I am just so glad that all of this with Brayden happened today and not tomorrow when we would have been stuck with a serious dilemma: risk our lives on the icy roads or deal with a fussy, sick toddler.

On a brighter note, Connor's pertussis test came back negative, and his breathing treatments are continuing to help. We just have to continue those until he doesn't have a cough anymore. Here's to spring coming soon! Have a good night!

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