Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brayden's Big Boy Bed

Well, it's happened. I was trying to avoid this at all cost, but yesterday my mind was made up for me, when, after I had put Brayden in "time out" in his crib for one too many whining incidents, I heard a door open, and out walked B. It happened so matter of fact I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it myself. Even Drew asked me if I was sure I had put B IN the crib (trust me, after being stuck in side for a good portion of two weeks, it's safe to question anyone's sanity! haha!). Since we really don't want to deal with broken bones, we decided we should bite the bullet and convert Brayden's crib to a toddler bed. Drew did it this morning as I was feeding Connor. The first words I heard out of Drew's mouth were "no, we don't jump in our bed!" Oh dear. From one danger to the next I suppose. I asked Brayden to show me his new big boy bed. He was so proud of it, as evidenced here:


I then explained to him that now that he was a big boy, that he had to STAY in his bed until mommy and daddy came to get him. I asked him how he should sleep in his bed, and this is what he did:


I think he's got the idea! He actually took a 2 hour nap in there this afternoon, and then played quietly for 30 minutes or so before we went to get him. I worry about the "playing quietly" part, since I have also walked into his room to find Brayden perched on top of his dresser. We'll see how tonight pans out with his first full night in the big boy bed. Wish us luck (and patience!).

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