Monday, February 7, 2011

Connor Today

Well, it's been an eventful 24 hours, and I thought I should probably chronicle everything both for myself to remember and to update all of you who I know are praying for us.

Yesterday I felt like Connor was not doing any better. Honestly, it's the most frustrating thing as a parent to see your baby sick and feel completely helpless. I found myself just holding Connor and crying, wishing I could take away his discomfort and sickness. Thankfully we received a divine intervention from our primary pediatrician, who called in a breathing treatment for little C-man. Unfortunately last night Connor threw up AGAIN last night. It was horrible. Thankfully we had him in our room and so I was able to hear  him and immediately jumped out of bed. I cringe thinking about what might have happened had I not had him in our room. Needless to say, it was a long night with me getting up every so often to check on the coughing and gagging I heard from the swing. I'm so thankful for Drew being a trooper and helping with the breathing treatments in the middle of the night and not complaining that we had a baby in the room (we have never slept with our kids in our room, even when they are teeny tiny).

This morning I felt like Connor's cough was more congested, but was hoping that that was from the inhaler. When the doctor's office called to check on him, after asking several questions they put me on hold, and then came back and told me that our pediatrician wanted me to come in so he could check him. SO... I hung up the phone at 8:10, got Brayden dressed, threw on some clothes, and headed south to our doctor's office. We got right in and were seen by our pediatrician. After going over all of the things that could possibly be wrong, he decided he wanted to test Connor for pertussis (also known as whooping cough). We're hoping that it's NOT pertussis, but we need to cover all of our bases at this point. SO, I grabbed both boys and headed out to the car to go to the lab to get Connor swabbed. On my way out to the car, while holding the diaper bag on one shoulder, Connor in his car seat and holding Brayden's hand... I totally busted on the icy parking lot. Of course, my reaction on my way down to the ground was a profanity, which Brayden cheerfully repeated after we all hit the pavement. The car seat landed sideways and I landed on top of it. I was so worried I had injured Connor in the fall, but thankfully he was just startled by the entire event. After dusting ourselves off (and quieting Brayden so that he was not overheard yelling profanities), we loaded into the car and headed to the lab. Thankfully that went quickly and we were able to come home, where we have rested for the remainder of today.

Connor's cough has seemed to lessen as the day has worn on and we continue the breathing treatments, so I am hopeful that he is indeed responding to the treatment. We should get the results from the test tomorrow, and will know more about our plan of action from there. One of the side effects of the breathing treatment is restlessness, so we're dealing with a bit of that this evening. I am hoping that we get a somewhat good night's sleep, as I've had a combined 6-7 hours over the past two nights, and am completely exhausted. Thanks for the prayers-- we'll keep you updated as we know more!

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