Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend in Review

Well, unfortunately we didn't do much this weekend that was interesting enough to report. Having two sick babies and being stuck inside will do that to a blog post :) Saturday Connor woke up struggling with his cough, and subsequently threw up all over me. I freaked out at that point, and made an appointment with a pediatrician, despite the road conditions being less than stellar. Drew spent a good 45 minutes scraping around the CR-V so we could leave, and warming it up for us... and away we went. Ofcourse, as luck would have it Connor did not cough the entire time we were traveling, nor during the time we were at the doctors office. He weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds, and we were told that he most likely just has a virus that's going around and not to really worry about anything. Drew and I were a little frustrated... it's hard deciding whether or not to go to the doctor, and then when you do and all they tell you is that your kid has a virus and there's not much we can do, only spend about 5 minutes with you and then charge you $125... well, it's just frustrating. Add to the fact that I am VERY spoiled by having an awesome pediatrician for Brayden and Connor, and so when we're seen by anyone else they just don't compare to the care we get with our primary ped, so I end up being even more frustrated. Atleast it makes me more grateful for our doctor I guess. We left the clinic and decided to run a few errands since we're expected to get more snowfall this week and we were starting to run out of staple groceries. It was good to get out of the house, but honestly my energy is really low right now with me fighting off this cold along with my boys being sick, so I felt like I was in a daze the entire time. Saturday night Drew talked me into going to a baby shower I had been planning on going to. It was fun, but again, my energy is just shot, so the whole time I kind of felt like I was dragging. I came home and the minute I tried to feed Connor, he threw up all over me. Poor guy just coughs and chokes on anything that's in his throat, and then he ends up coughing so hard that he gags until he throws up. It's so incredibly heartbreaking, and quite possibly the hardest thing I've had to deal with with one of my children to date. It's just so hard dealing with a tiny sick one and knowing that there is nothing you can do to take away their discomfort. I feel like it's a tiny taste of what parents who have children with chronic illnesses deal with on a daily basis, and I must say, that my heart goes out to those parents.

Today has been a lazy day since we were up every two hours with Connor man last night. Drew is heading to a Super Bowl party and I am staying home with the boys... I am hoping that Brayden will be entertained by the football game... not sure I can handle having to chase him around and deal with little C at the same time :o/ Please pray for us this week as we brace for another winter storm, and continue to fight this crud that we've all got. I'll leave you with a few pictures we've taken over the weekend.

We bought Brayden a new bike helmet while we were at Target on Saturday. if you know anything about biking, then you'll know that bike helmets (atleast good ones) are EXPENSIVE. This one is a Bell, and we got it for $5 :)
Brayden helped shovel off the patio on Saturday morning. He actually liked the snow this time!
the poor sick baby :(
Ofcourse, being sick doesn't mean it keeps him from smiling :)
LOVE this pic. It's priceless!
this picture CRACKS me up. This is actually the face Connor shows most often... sheer terror! hahaha! Brayden likes to get right in his face and start talking to him. It's cute, but honestly, I think I'd be scared too, especially considering Brayden's already hit him in the face with several flying objects (namely balls).
showing off his new bike helmet again :) He's so proud of his new "tat" (translation: hat).


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