Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brayden Lately.

Brayden has been saying/doing some of the funniest things latel, and I don't want to forget them.

He frequently asks to pray. This morning he said, "momma! we pray!" and when I asked him to pray to God he said "thank you God for Pappa, Gigi, Daddy, the food and the moon. AMEN!".

He calls himself Brenden, and Connor "Tonden" or "Ton".

I think he has listened to me talk about clothes too much because he's started to say if things are pretty or cute. For example, this morning, when I went to get him up for the day, he had a pair of his khakis out on the floor. When I walked in his room he ran to get them, held them up and said "these are cute momma!" He also told my mom that her flip flops were pretty. Ofcourse, he also gets pretty and handsome confused, and has told me that he and Drew are pretty :)

He now tells me if something is yucky, and he calls it "yuddy". For example, yesterday we were at a friend's house, and he had gotten in the guest bathroom and tried to take a bite out of the soap bar. He came to the kitchen and said "here momma." I said, what do you have? And he said "soap. YUDDY momma!" and shook his head back and forth.

If Brayden does something to someone he shouldn't (like hitting), then I always stop him and ask him if he would want someone to do the same thing to him. Almost always he will respond with a sincere "no." and shake his head back and forth. Then we'll talk about the verse that says to "do to others as you would have them do to you" and how Jesus would want us to treat our friends the same way we want to be treated. Almost always after the verse he'll say "yes. Otay!"

He still apologizes after every offense with "Seery momma. Seery!" (seery=sorry).

He is in love with doing things "high." "I jump real high" "I shoot real high", etc. are common words we hear at our house.

If I ask him to pick out his clothes, he will pick out the same thing-- basketball shorts and a black razorback t-shirt.

Yesterday he started singing for the first time. Previously if we asked him to sing, he'd just say "sing sing sing." But yesterday, I realized that he was singing Happy Birthday. OVER. and OVER. and OVER. It has begun :)

And my all time favorite thing he does now...

if he thinks something is silly, he'll slap his knee, fake giggle, hold his hand over his mouth like he's laughing really hard and say "oh gosh." Makes me laugh every single time.

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