Sunday, June 19, 2011

7th Heaven


My Dearest Connor,

How can it be that in 7 months you've gone from being a tiny 7 pound baby to a roly poly 20 pound gummy smiled, chubby cheeked little boy?! My heart delights in you so much.... your smile, your pouty face, your joy, the way you are learning, your wispy brown hair (that no longer stands on end-- enter sad face)... everything about you. God has taught me so much through your little life... about not questioning God's plan, about patience, about grace, about how much He truly LOVES us... you are like the embodiment of God's whisper into my life. I hope that someday you'll realize what I mean, but for now, you'll just have to take my word for it (and oblige me with your sweet smile). So what are you up to at 7 months old???
  • I'm assuming you are awfully close to 20 pounds. There are rolls ALL OVER your body. And I am in love with each and every one of them :)
  • You are FINALLY on a consistent schedule. You sleep from about 7pm till 7/7:30am, and take two naps, one in the morning for about an hour to an hour and a half, and then one 2 hour nap in the afternoon.
  • You drink 4 bottles a day, generally 8oz, 7 oz, 6oz and 8oz. 
  • You wear 6-12 month clothes, but honestly, it's all a little small on you. You fit 12 month better, and are even fitting into some 12-18 month stuff that your brother wore last summer. 
  • You smile A LOT. I would say all the time, but there are the occasions where Brayden starts messing with you. Then you fuss.
  • You love Brayden, and think some of the things he does are SUPER funny. 
  • You now take a bath like a big boy, and you LOVE it.
  • You love the pool. Although I think you are starting to not enjoy the shallow end-- you love kicking your little legs in the deeper part of the pool. 
  • You eat 3 solid meals a day, and eat about 3-4oz of food plus baby cereal at each meal. Your faves are pears and cauliflower (such an eclectic eater!). Your least fave at this moment is mango. I have to blend it in with the other fruits in order for you to eat it. 
  • You have a serious fascination with our drinks and food, and you follow every sip and bite that you see. You've already gotten bites of popcorn and sips of Icee... I'm starting your obsession early, just like I did with B :)
  • You are head over heels for your daddy, and will kick, flail your arms and squeal when you see him... I don't blame you-- he's a pretty awesome guy!
  • You want SO badly to crawl... and I am praying that you hold out a bit longer. I am not sure I am ready for a mobile baby and a toddler into EVERYTHING.
  • You now recognize your Gigi on Skype and it is the sweetest thing. 
  • You have found your voice, and let EVERYONE know about it, blabbering and squealing LOUDLY. My ears have never been so tired in all my life between you and your brother. 
  • You love balls and trucks-- a boy to the very core! You even throw your toys now, which is kind of comical since you get mad once you throw them too far to reach :)
Connor Andrew, I LOVE YOU. You are a joy, a treasure and a special addition to our family. I am so enjoying watching you grow up, even though it makes me a little sad that you're slowly becoming a little boy and leaving the baby days behind. May you always know how truly special you are to your dad and I, and may you always walk a path that is upright and pleasing to the Lord. Happy 7 months my son! 

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