Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Summer Days.

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the fun things we get to do. It mainly involves water, since it's so stinkin' hot here (which I know is a relative statement, since those of you living farther south are probably melting at this point! ha!).

Yesterday we had a little pool get together with several friends. Brayden is ALWAYS talking about his friends, so he greatly enjoys these get togethers these days.

Parker and B checkin' out the mower in their matching swim shirts :)
Connor's first time in a swing! He LOVED it!

Then we went to Target for a quick trip (I needed to get the gift card I gave away recently). Brayden is starting to ask to go to "Tardid" for "poten" (popcorn). Connor kicks his legs when he sees the popcorn bag, so I am sure he's not far behind... I've developed little Target popcorn addicts I'm afraid! ha! This is how our current get up looks when we go:


I absolutely HATE the buggies with the two seats attached to the front of the cart. It's like driving a suburban through the store. And considering I have a hard time calculating turning radius', this means I run into the aisle end caps when I am careening that mammoth through the store. So we just stick to the regular buggies for now :)

When we got home Brayden wanted to play outside while I got dinner ready. I went to check on him, and found him sitting in his little chair outside. It so reminded me of an old man! haha!


Then last night Brayden and I went to get haircuts. Brayden L.O.V.E.S. my friend David who cuts our hair. He is ALWAYS talking about him, and tells people that "Daby tut me hair lite bzzzzz" (translation: David cuts my hair like bzzzzzz").

Connor was just along for the ride-- I can't stand to cut his hair again :(
Almost done! (This is a happy face, in case you wondered).
Finished product! SO handsome!

After my haircut I ran to Aldi's to get a few things for this weekend. We're having family up this weekend so I had some meal planning to do in addition to my normal things I pick up there.

Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend-- what are yall up to for the 4th?

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