Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feeding Brother.

Brayden has really embraced being a big brother lately. From running to get a burp cloth (known as "towels" to him), to getting a toy for Connor while they wait for dinner to be made, and recently, to wanting to feed him (we are almost solely on bottles now, so there's plenty of opportunity for this!). It's really sweet, and one of the many things that I enjoy about having two kids now. Yesterday I figured it was time to let B try his hand at feeding Connor. He did so well, and Connor didn't seem to mind either. He actually fed him twice that day-- once in the morning, and then once in the afternoon. In the afternoon he fed him the ENTIRE bottle, and then at the end said "all done! yay Tonden!" (he calls Connor Tonden now... he's always called him Ton since he has a hard time saying the -kuh- sound, and then I think the 'den' at the end now is because he's learned his name and is just putting the two together). Love these two boogers so much!

I love how he's looking at Connor... he's so serious about his responsibility!
this is taking a little longer than expected mom!

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