Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday. My Loves.*

*alternately titled: I was so sick I felt dead on Wednesday and never logged into my computer so this post will have words.

Greetings from the house of the walking dead the recovering sick. I seriously was so sick yesterday it took everything in me just to move. I made a pile of diapers and a pack of wipes next to the couch, and the minute I smelt a dirty diaper I rolled off the couch to change the dirty butt and then crawled back to the couch to assume my position. I stayed that way till Drew got home, and then immediately got in my bed the minute he walked in the door. I have no clue what I had since I was running fever, achy and lost the contents to my stomach a few times too. All I can say is that a mom should never have to get sick. There are no sick days when you're a mom. You can't call into work and tell your boss you're going to sleep it off. It sucks. Plain and simple.

I still feel pretty lousy today, so that's all I'll write for now. And I'll leave you with the pics of the boys that were originally planned for yesterday anyways :)


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