Monday, June 27, 2011

And People Wonder Why I Don't Shower Often.

Let's just be honest... I don't shower much. It's not because I don't really want to, because really, who doesn't like a nice hot shower where you get to wash your hair and rinse off? But honestly, it stresses me out to no end because it never fails that the minute I get out of the shower, there is this silence in the house that is deafening. If you have a toddler, you know what I am talking about. it's that silence that makes a mom say "Oh crap!" Outloud, and then run frantically from room to room hoping and praying that something is not broken/drawn on/torn apart/eaten.

Today was one of those days. I had to take a shower because we ended up taking C to the doc this morning due to this never ending virus that has plagued our family. I just wanted to be sure we weren't dealing with something else. Anyways, since I knew we were headed out in public, I at least wanted to smell decent. So I locked B in his room and told him I was going to take a shower. He's pretty good about this most days. Today I thought, "wow, he's really not complaining that much about being in his room alone today. Weird." Then I took a shower for about 10 minutes. I got out, got dressed and went to check on B, who was quiet. TOO quiet. And when I opened the door I had the strange mixture of anger and sheer laughter intertwine in my head.
The little stinker had completely squeezed out an entire tube of Desitin. You know, the thick, paste that is SUPER hard to wipe off your baby's bottom? Yeah, it was smeared EVERYWHERE.
(I think Toby was too embarassed to look at the camera. And you should've seen his face when I walked in the room... he was like "mom, you seriously left me in here with him?!?!?")

It was also on his GI Joes, his ride-on train, and I found some leftovers on the door this evening that I hadn't caught earlier today.

I went back and forth, between anger and just sheer wonderment of my life right now. Remember, I had to be to the doctor. So in the midst of trying to get ready, I had to deal with cleanup. By the time I cleaned up the desitin in the room, cleaned off the dog (who still has Desitin in his hair on his head-- need to bathe him before we go to bed tonight) and got everything ready to go, I had to leave the house with a wet head of hair.

Yet another reason why I am learning to breathe deeply.

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