Tuesday, July 19, 2011

8 Months: Connor.


This morning as I was feeding little man, it occurred to me that today is July 19th. While today may be ordinary for some, for our family it marks 8 months that God has blessed our lives with Connor. Our hearts could not be more full from the love, laughter and giggles that Connor blesses us with on a daily basis.
Connor thought it hilarious when I told him he was 8 months old :)

his "I'm running for President" pose. (with his always classy redneck tan)

sharing a brother moment... one of the few where someone is not crying- ha!

I had to include it. Doesn't it remind you of when people lick their finger and then touch their body and go "ssssssstttt" because they're hot?! It doesn't? Then I must be weird, right? Don't answer that question :)

cars are yummy...


yeah mom, you're wearing me out with the camera.

love me. love my eyes. (spoken in the truest of French accents).

this is how he really feels about his brother. hahahahahaha!

So what is Connor up to at 9 months?
  • weighs 20 pounds. A pure chunker wunker, and I love every roll and pudge that is on him :)
  • eats 4 bottles a day, every 4 hours. He eats approximately 30 ounces a day, more or less. 
  • eats 3 solid meals a day, roughly 5 cubes each meal (which is equivalent to 5 oz), plus baby cereal at atleast 2 of those meals.
  • he's also started LOVING puffs. I've also given him pieces of bread/biscuits and he LOVES it and does well with it, so I am thinking finger foods might be in our near future. 
  • He wears 12 month and some 18 month clothing. A lot of his 12 month stuff is starting to get too small :( This makes me kind of sad that I'll be shopping the 18-24 month rack at Rhea Lana's soon. 
  • he sleeps from 7pm to 7am at night. He takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap. The morning nap is generally between 1-2 hours, and the afternoon nap is about 2 hours. 
  • He has quite the sense of humor, and will start laughing at random stuff he does (specifically splashing in the bathtub). It's so cute!
  • He LOVES LOVES LOVES his daddy. He kicks his legs and bounces until Drew acknowledges him in the evenings when he comes home. I love that my boys love their daddy. 
  • he wants to crawl so badly. He's started scooting backwards, and he can roll quite efficiently. I for one am not looking forward to the day that he starts moving around on all fours... my life will be an endless cycle of no-no's and rescuing small children from dangerous situations. ha!
  • he is still very reserved about Brayden unless he is in a secure environment. Read: my arms or his jumperoo. Otherwise, he will make this distinct whine that I know means that Brayden is either dangerously close or is making a move at: hitting, punching, wrestling or poking. 
  • He FINALLY got his first tooth yesterday! It's the bottom left one, and the bottom right one is right behind it. I am SO grateful that they have finally broken the gums... teething is not Connor's fave thing, and he's let us know about it. 
Connor Andrew: what joy it brings me as I have watched you grow the past 8 months. Yes, it makes my mommy heart sad that you are quickly becoming a little boy and not a baby, but let's be honest... you'll always be my baby :) I love your laid back attitude about (most) of life, your zeal for jumping, your smile at everything and the joy that you embody. You are the answer to many prayers (even though the timing was a bit earlier than expected- ha!), and one of the one of many blessings God has bestowed upon me. Never forget that you are a marvelous work of our Savior (Psalm 139:14) and that Jesus loves you more than you will ever know! Loves you Con-Con :)



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