Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend In Review.

Well, we had a laid back weekend, which was welcomed with open arms here!

Friday one of my cousins came over to help with the boys while I got a few things done around the house and ran a few errands. Brayden absolutely LOVES his cousins, so he's in heaven when Bethany or any of her sisters are here, and I am SO grateful for the extra hands. Bethany reminded me about the Chick-Fil-A cow appreciation day, so at the last minute I decided to go there with the boys and have Drew meet us there for dinner. I get the non-mom-of-the-year award for not taking a picture of my family all dressed up as cows. We were a site to behold. Even Brayden joined in on the fun, and even exclaimed "I'm a cute (to which he says "toot" because he can't say the -kuh- sound... SO funny) cow Momma... MOOO!" hahaha. Such a fun family outing, and all for $4! Can't beat it.... we LOVE CFA!

Saturday Brayden woke up with the roosters (figuratively, thankgoodness... there are no roosters in our neighborhood!), so Drew decided to help me out by taking B to eat donuts so I could sleep in. Apparently Connor had some telepathy, and woke up about 10 minutes after the other boys walked out of the door. I tried to view my cup as half full, realizing that I atleast only had to deal with ONE hungry baby in the morning instead of two :) Drew's dad came in town Saturday morning, and stayed for the rest of the weekend. He took the boys shopping for some diapers and new jammies (B picked out Toy Story and Cars jammies... you know he was in heaven!) and treated us to some Dickies BBQ.

Brayden and Grandad reading stories together before bedtime.

Funny story from Saturday: During lunch I realized I hadn't given B his vitamin that morning, so I gave it to him while he was eating. B kept telling Grandad about his "yaya". This is what he's always called vitamins, and honestly, I just quit fighting trying to get him to say it right... he'll do it eventually, and it's kind of endearing hearing his names for certain things. Anyways, Ron didn't really understand what B was saying, so I explained the whole yaya thing to him. With a look of acknowledgement, Ron looked down at Brayden and said "oh, you have a yaya?" and B looked at him and said "NO. It's a VITAMIN." Clear as day. Drew and I just looked at each other and busted out laughing. That silly boy.

Today we served at church... it was a crazy morning, and for most of the 1.5 hours that we normally serve it was just Drew and I.......... and 9 other babies ages 4 months to 10 months. I know a lot of people probably had a panic attack reading that, and to be honest, most days I would too, but God must have known that I could handle it today, and I just kind of laughed, haha. And thankfully once witching hour hit (around 10:30), another volunteer came to help us out, so it wasn't really that bad.

This afternoon Drew's dad left, and Drew was a dear and agreed to let me go lay out at the pool and then he'd meet me there with the boys after they woke up from their naps. So I headed out, grabbed a drink during Sonic Happy Hour, and headed off to the pool. It was my first time alone at the pool all summer and I was SO excited. I jumped in the pool the minute I got there, and then I saw IT. Parents, you know what I am talking about. The infamous brown turd at the bottom of the pool. I just about vomitted on the spot, but somehow kept my composure and asked another mom to double check my suspicions. She swirled the water around and said "yep." And then we quickly exited the pool. They shocked the pool, and the guy said we could get back in the water in an hour, but at that point I was both grossed out, and a bit apprehensive at returning to the pool so quickly after he shocked it with strong chemicals. I was SO bummed. I resumed reading my book, and figured I'd just head home once I got too hot. That lasted, oh, about 10 minutes, since it was 100 degrees. I started packing my stuff up, and realized my friend had seen my bummer facebook status, and offered for me to hang out at her pool. Yay for friends who save the day! I got to lay out afterall, catch up with a friend, and have a kid free 2 hours. Alls well that ends well :)

This evening Drew needed to study, so I left him to put Connor to bed early (C now goes to bed earlier than B) and took Brayden on a little one on one dates. If you have more than one child, I highly recommend these dates. It doesn't have to be much, and I feel like it really strengthens the bond between me and B. It also makes me a bit sad, because I feel like in some ways I have missed out a bit on his life since I am torn between two kids. That's why I feel like it's so important. Anyways, back on track... we went to Chuck E. Cheese. We hadn't been in quite a while, but B took no time picking out games to play. His favorite was the football game and the basketball game-- go figure (the kid comes up to me and tells me he's a quarterback sometimes). I had so much fun shooting hoops, throwing footballs and watching him tell me he was driving to work (on the Bob the Builder Digger). Being a mom of boys is SO much fun, and I am really starting to enjoy this stage (welll... some of it anyways). After CEC, we needed milk, so we headed to Braum's. Of course, no date is complete without some ice cream, so we got a big sundae and split it. We headed home with two gallons of milk, a dinosaur toy, a glow in the dark bug, bellies full of sweet goodness, and smiles on our faces :)

he wasn't quite sure of the big truck-- at one point he looked over at me and said "I don't lite it momma!" I encouraged him to stay on, and he got acclimated right about the time he quit moving :)
the carousel is one of his fave things to do at CEC

We have a busy week ahead of us, but I'm looking forward to it. Hope everyone has a great week!

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