Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend in Review: Celebrating Cooper.

This was the first weekend in a while where we have not had visitors or family. While I love to enjoy the company of friends, it's also nice to have a few days with just us four.

Friday was just a normal day; pool, fun, sun and Backyard Burgers :) We didn't do much else (what else can you do in this heat anyways!). Drew studied most of the evening and I just laid on the couch and was a vegetable. It was nice :)

Saturday Drew needed to study, and since I had a baby shower to attend, he took the boys to our fitness center's childcare so that he could study while I went and celebrated the impending arrival of my friend Katie's baby boy, Cooper James. I had so much fun watching Katie open boy gifts-- she already has two girls, and I am overjoyed by the fact that my boys will finally have a BOY to play with when we hang out with their family! The hostesses did such a great job decorating-- the theme was a candy bar (Katie is an avid sweets fan).

The hostesses and Katie. From L to R: Alaina, Erin, Rebekah, Katie, Andrea, Cari, Meredith and Candice.
the candy bar
these were little brownies with frosting on top--baked in an icecream cone!
Rebekah had these little boxes out for the guests to write notes to Cooper on... SO cute!
God's blessed my life through this girl in more ways than I could ever write about!
Katie & Mere
sweet friends!
Rachel made this canvas (she also made Connor's canvas that is in his nursery). Cooper's room has burlap in it... I can't wait to see it all put together!
this gift cracked me up. It says "wee-wee man" on the front of the shirt and on the CUP. bahahahaha. Katie doesn't know what she's in for during those BOY diaper changes!
I'm pretty sure I could not have captured a better reaction to a gift. EVER. haha!
I thought this was cute too... little man :)

Saturday afternoon Drew studied while the rest of us rested (story of his life... poor guy! only 9 more months and we'll be through with this MBA-- wooo hoo!). Then Saturday night we got a babysitter and went to dinner and a movie. Date nights are few and far between right now, partly due to Drew's schedule but also due to the sheer amount of money it costs to get a babysitter and then go out to eat and watch a show! We rarely go to the movies, so it was a real treat indeed. We went to the theatre thinking we'd see X-Men, but at the last minute I changed my mind and asked to see Bridesmaids. Drew was a bit leery since it kind of looks like a chick flick. And while I must disclose that the first scene was RAUNCHY, the rest of the movie was fabulously hilarious. It was so funny in fact, that Drew said we'd not seen something that funny in a LONG time. If you can get over the first scene (perhaps just close your eyes for the first 5 minutes?) and some of the profanity that's littered throughout the movie, it's a great date night flick for sure. Our fave character was Megan, played by Melissa McCarthy... oh my word. she is the star of the show and she only had a supporting role. We finished the evening with a snow cone from my FAVE snow cone place in all of Northwest Arkansas-- Shave the Planet. If you're a local, you MUST visit one of their locations (and I'm not being compensated to say that-- it's just really that good!). It's like flavored snow it's so powdery. {LOVE}.

Today we went to the early service at church. Church was so good-- our pastor talked about living in the presence of the LORD and how that should be #1 on our priority list. This afternoon me and the boys were solo again while Drew hit the books with his study group. He's in Accounting right now, so I have a feeling this will be our lives for the next 6 weeks :)

And to close, I leave you with a random pic of Connor that makes me smile. He was watching Veggie Tales in Brayden's chair. He just looks SO big to me :(

Hope yall have a good week-- stay cool-- the temps are supposed to be outrageous!

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