Monday, July 4, 2011

The Day I Almost Cut Off my Finger.

Well, I may be being a bit melodramatic when I saw my FINGER, but I did almost cut off the tip of my pinky. It was impeccable timing, and as always added a bit of drama to my normal chaos.

My family was planning on arriving on Thursday night for 4th of July, so I was preparing the house, meal for Thursday and trying to tie up some loose ends on a blog design I am working on. This was all happening during naptime. You know, that precious 2 hours that a mom has to become superwoman and achieve the impossible. Yep, Thursday was unlike any other. I figured I would be most productive if I prepared the meal first, that way I could cook WHILE I cleaned-- pure genius. Only, it wasn't. Because on the 5th slice of the day, I sliced into not only the white onion, but the tip of my pinky finger.I've only cut myself very badly one other time, when I was in 7th grade and I was trying to cut open a bouncy ball with a swiss army knife (I know you want to know that story, but it will have to wait). I knew the cut on Thursday was bad when I looked down and blood immediately started pouring out. In true Lindsey fashion I freaked and said "oh gosh!" (surprisingly no foul language was ever spoken during the entire incident), hung up with a friend who I was talking to on the phone (I should probably call her back and let her know I am ok), and got my finger under the faucete. When the blood was STILL pouring out after about 5 minutes, I somehow managed to put pressure on it and text Drew with one hand. About 10 minutes prior to the drama unfolding, Drew had told me he was going into an important meeting. This means, don't call me unless someone's dying. At this point I knew I wasn't dying but that I might need to be seen by a doctor. So I texted with one hand "911 call me now!" I also left a sobby message about me not knowing what to do because it wouldn't quit bleeding. It sounded pathetic, and Drew was so sympathetic about it that he played it for his coworkers to hear later. Yeah, remind me to post an embarrasing picture of him on the blog later ;)

After talking with Drew, my aunt, and a friend of mine who's a nurse, I decided I might need stitches if I couldn't get it to quit bleeding. Thank the good Lord that it stopped about an hour after the slice happened. It was, and still is, quite sore where the cut is, but thankfully I think it will heal well. After splitting it open with the boys on Friday, my sister suggested that I super glue the wound shut. I know, sounds kind of "Tim the Tool Man Taylor-ish", but at that point I was kind of desperate for a good solution to keep it from having to get stitched back together. And guess what?! The $2 super glue is working! Hallelujah! Now if only the little booger would heal soon. Typing with a superglued, bandaged pinky is harder than you'd think.... ;)

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