Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Random Thoughts.

I've been thinking and processing a lot lately. This is probably due to me being in the most amazing bible study this summer with several other girls. We're going through a study called "Called to be a Keeper." It's been so good to be back in the Word with other women, and so good for me to refocus a few pieces of my life that I felt like have been gaining a bit of dust on them since having children. One thing that God has really been convicting me of is my lack of patience, which more often than not leads to anger. Anger at my husband, anger at my kids, anger at life, anger at God. I feel like such a short fuse sometimes. I'm meditating a lot on verses that will bring my mind back to what God wants me to do, but it's a slow, SLOW process. I just ordered a book on anger that I am hopeful will give me some more insight into WHY I am acting the way I am. I want to be a joyful mom and wife. It's my heart, but for some reason the end result is not getting there most of the time. I know that if you've finished reading this paragraph it's probably not what you expected to read, but I felt like I should be honest about where I am at in my life right now. It's good to be honest. It brings accountability and it also shows people that you don't have your head in the sand. Would you pray for me that I would grow in patience? I'd greatly appreciate it... and be sure to blog about it as I journey on finding a way out of the funk :)

To turn a complete 180, I had some questions for yall too...

I am thinking about installing Disqus comments on my blog. I hate not having the ability to respond directly to someone who comments on my blog. I realize some people attach their emails to their blogger profiles, but some do not. I really enjoy getting to know people through my blog, and I feel like this may help me facilitate this desire better. I could be wrong though, so I figured I'd ask the people who would actually use the comments... would you still comment or would you shy away? Just wondering what yall thought.

It's hotter than hell here in Northwest Arkansas. I mean, that sounds kind of bad to say, but I sometimes wonder if the bottoms of my shoes are going to melt when I step outside. We're hitting temps we haven't hit since September of 2000. To think that we may get hotter than we're at now is almost unbearable. Hopefully no one else poops in our pool, because I for one can't stand the thought of not having a pool to retreat to... it's about the only thing that you can do now!

Connor has hit an all time high on fussiness and opinionated crying. I have thought that he might be my saving grace of being laid back and quiet, but he is proving me otherwise. I mean, he still likes to chill, but if it's not really going his way, he lets us all know about it. He's especially pissy when Brayden is near him, probably due to the fact that he's realizing if B is near then that means he is probably about to get pummled/rolled/pushed/smacked/wrestled with/etc. He's not a fan of that just yet, and will scream in protest. He also thinks that parties start at 5am. Well, it's either that or that he needs to outdo his brother waking up at 6:15. Lord have mercy on me. One thing I've been trying to do lately is wake up BEFORE my kids. But I am going to cry uncle if they keep waking up before the birds. I can do 6am (SOMETIMES)... but 5:15 is just too early for this old momma. I'm trying to convince myself it's all because of teething (his two bottom teeth are just begging to break through his gums), but I'm not holding my breath.

I finally figured out how to edit my pictures in Photoshop again. Sounds weird, I know, so let me explain. I shoot RAW files. I just like having the ability to fix white balance, among other things, without compromising the quality of the image. I did not realize when I purchased my new Canon 60d, that the RAW files are not supported by CS4. I had a minor breakdown after the 4th of July weekend, realizing that I had 300+ images I couldn't edit. After reading several tutorials, I finally found one that answered my question... I had to download Adobe DNG converter, but it finally works. Basically I have to convert my RAW files to a more universal type of RAW file, then I can edit them. Hooray! Now if only they would stock a refurbished 24-70 lens over at Canon, and I would be one happy little photographer :)

And that's all. My mind is fried for the evening, so I am going to sit and veg for a bit before hitting the hay. Love to you all.

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