Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend in Review.

As I sit here on the couch to type, I literally feel as though someone has poked holes all in my baloon. I am completely deflated. I'm not really sure why I feel this way, because there is no one thing that has happened that I can point to and say "yep, that's it. that's why i feel this way." I just do. So pardon me if this post seems a bit melancholic and to the point.

Friday we went to the pool in the morning with some friends. I never bring my camera to the pool because (a) I'm worried that I will get it wet and ruin it, and (b) I am having to hold and chase after 2 children at all times. It's exhausting, but it's worth it because I know my babies love the water. Friday afternoon after naptime we went to the local outdoor mall here in Northwest Arkansas. The Children's Place was having a big sale this weekend, and since Connor is getting dedicated soon, I wanted to get the boys matching outfits. Connor pretty much screamed the entire time we were shopping there, so we strolled out to the fountain to look at the water. Both boys were pretty good there, so I decided to try my luck and look at shoes with Brayden, as well as get him sized since I didn't know what size tennis shoe he would need this fall. Well, if I tested my luck, I failed miserably. We were completely fine during the shoe trying on process. I had promised B that if he was cooperative during the shoes that we would stroll around and look at all of the balls in the store (we were at Hibbet Sports, which basically was like heaven to Brayden, the lover of all things sports). We started strolling, and came across a ginormous bin of Razorback basketballs. The "I wanna hold it" started. I decided to let him hold it, but not before reminding him that we would not be purchasing a basketball since he has about 10293* of them at home.
*he really doesn't have 10293 basketballs at home. It just feels like it sometimes when I trip over atleast 4 of them on the way from the kitchen to my bedroom.
Connor and B held the balls for about 3 minutes, then I told them that we were leaving and needed to leave the balls at the store. Cue Brayden crying. Wailing would be a more accurate term. Screaming. Gnashing of teeth. Stomping of feet. He had NEVER thrown a fit like this, much less in public. I was MORTIFIED. I quickly whipped the double stroller out of the store, and marched straight to the CR-V. As Brayden continued to scream, the guy who was parked next to me (he was waiting on his wife to finish shopping), looked at me and said "I don't know how you do it with 2. I can barely handle one." I just laughed and said "well, I guess I just had to take what God gave me." {smile}.
Friday night we played in the backyard as a family. It was the only time I pulled the camera out all weekend-- which is a shame, since I have a new lens to play with now :)

we tried putting Connor in the sprinkler, and this is how he felt about it. haha!
(ps-- do you see his little teeth?! He worked so hard for them :) )
our garden is SO crispy. We water twice a day and it STILL looks like this.
Toby loves playing in the sprinkler. He also resembles a wet rat when he's wet.
B was showing off the tomato he helped Daddy pick in the garden
Drew found a grasshopper, and B had fun playing with it. Until Toby got a hold of it. Then the grass hopper lost his legs.
have I mentioned that my child has no fear?
playing baseball with Daddy.
please note his: facial expression. his stance. can you tell he takes playing ball very seriously? haha!
he can hit a PITCHED ball now. It helps if he sticks his tongue out :)IMG_0849
I love this kid.

Saturday Drew was a dear and took the boys to the fitness center childcare facility so I could get a morning to myself. I was able to quickly declutter the house, work on the kitchen floors and then go shopping by myself. I also had to exchange the jeans I had purchased for Connor the night before because... guess what? He didn't fit the 12 month jeans. My 8 month old is in size 18 month jeans, the same size Brayden was in just a few months ago. Poor guy has a big waist and short legs, so the jeans are about 4 inches too long on him. So funny that Brayden has long legs and a skinny waist and Connor is just the opposite. After my shopping I met up with Drew and the boys to eat at Sam's club, and then the boy's and I headed home after lunch while Drew continued studying. Saturday afternoon we all went to a friend's birthday party... I, unfortunately, forgot the camera, so no cute pics of the boys playing in the pool.

Today was our morning to serve in the nursery. The problem was that I completely forgot it was our morning until I had:
- slept in till 6:45 (don't laugh)
- pancakes on the griddle at 7:50
- put off taking a shower until 8:15.

I had a mild panic attack, but Drew was awesome yet again, and finished feeding, dressing and prepping both boys while I showered and got ready.

Both boys have been super cranky today, and since this morning kind of threw my daily rhythm out of sync I've kind of been on edge. I did muster up the courage to take both boys to the fabric store with me (I am having someone make a cover for Brayden's nap mat for MDO this fall), and they both did relatively well. We have a busy, busy, busy week ahead of us, with OUTRAGEOUS temps in store too. Hope everyone has a great week-- stay safe in the heat!

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