Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Club

Last night I met up with several of my friends to celebrate some birthdays. This is something we do every month and I love it. These girls are my besties, and I'm not sure what I'd do without them!
Erin & Alaina
I'm only putting this picture up because it makes me laugh. I had been taking pictures of everyone and this older gentleman got up and said, you need to be in the picture! I was hesitant because (a) most people don't know how to handle a DSLR and (b) I had my new lens on there, and I would literally vomit and die if he accidentally dropped my camera or something. I asked him if he knew how to use the camera and he was like "oh yeah, I know!" So I handed it over, he acted as if he changed some settings, snapped a few pics, handed the camera over and sat down. This is what he got. And this is with me trying to edit it a little for exposure. Plus, there were 3 other girls on the other side of the table that he didn't include. hahahaha. Just have to laugh.
Katie and her bestie Pam
Katie and Samantha, the birthday girls

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