Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend in Review.

Well, I successfully made it through the weekend without as much as picking up a camera. {GASP}.

Friday I tightened my boot straps and set my mind to cleaning. With both boys here. I know, I know. I am courageous if I do say so myself :) Miraculously, Connor took a fantabulous nap that morning, and Brayden watched more than the average 5 minutes of television that he will normally sit through, allowing me to clean the floors in the kitchen. After C woke up, I finished vacuuming, and then we hung out for the rest of the morning. The afternoon went quickly downhill after the boys woke up from naps, and I knew that if we didn't get out of the house, I was in for it (moms, you know what I mean!). So I packed up the boys, called Drew and asked him to have a family date at CFA, and headed out to the pet store. The pet store worked well until the very end. Brayden decided to pull a fit similar to the one at Hibbett Sports last week. I wannnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaa ssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee de FISHIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS over and over again. Thankfully it wasn't that loud, so I decided to high tail it out of Petsmart without makign a huge scene. Biggest fail ever. Brayden decided to let out a SHRILL scream right before I got to the door. Coincidentally, the maximum amount of people possible were checking out at Petsmart, and they all turned to stare at me and my unruly toddler. I sheepishly smiled, ducked my head, and bee lined it to my car, muttering adult words under my breath. I drove around until it was time to meet Drew. I don't think I've ever been so thankful to see a restaurant that has a sound proof play area than I was on Friday night.

Saturday was like a slice of heaven for me. It was my friend Katie's birthday, and at her request, she planned a kid-free pool morning for herself and her friends. It was GLORIOUS. After laying out for an hour or two, we headed to Panera for lunch. I was STARVING and ordered an entire sandwich and an entire salad-- LOL. For those people who say I don't eat enough, they should have been there to witness. :) I love my friends, and was so glad to have a refreshing morning! Saturday afternoon we headed to the pool as a family. It was hot, hot, hot, and the pool was CROWDED. It was probably the most crowded it's been all year. It was also the first time Drew had seen Brayden swim in quite a while, and he was impressed with our little fishy... B goes down the slide by himself (and he is VERY insistent that he goes by himself), runs straight off of the wall into the deep end, swims in circles, and throws his head back to dunk his hair. Gotta love a little adventure in your life, right?!

Sunday we had church, but before church I packed myself up and headed to Walgreens to do some extreme couponing. I got $67 worth of stuff for $25 plus tax! It was all stuff I needed, so it was a win-win. Here's a list of what I got:
2 bottles Head and Shoulders shampoo, 2 bottles Head and Shoulders conditioner, 1 box of Crayola washable markers, 4 boxes of cereal (frosted mini-wheats and special K), 2 bottles of creamer, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes, 24 rolls of toilet paper, and 1 bottle of contact lens solution.
Not too shabby huh?
I got home just before church, so we unloaded and then reloaded and headed to church. I've spent most of this afternoon sorting through kids clothes-- putting away stuff that doesn't fit, and pulling out stuff that does. Rhea Lana's is soon, and so I have to get my list together so I know what I need when I go shopping.

We have another week of 100+ temps, which means you can find us hibernating inside or at the pool. Hope everyone has a fun week!

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