Monday, September 26, 2011

The New Old Little Table.

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Last month when my parents came to visit, Drew wrangled my dad in for a little project on an old table that Drew had when he was a young lad. It's a cute little table, but it was pretty abused (apparently the furniture abuse gene that Brayden has runs in the family). So I kind of begged Drew to at least do something that would make it a little more blendable with our furniture :) They sanded, added a few dowels to the chairs (Brayden even helped his Poppa widdle away on the dowel!), and then stained the table... and it looks PERFECT! Brayden LOVES it, and calls it his "new table." Here's some pictures from the process:

kind of a mess :)
probably getting bad ideas from Daddy's mishaps on the table :)
sanding it down
the little chairs- post sanding (notice the new dowel on the chair on the left...
Brayden and Poppa widdled that dowel down all on their own!

The finished product... doesn't it look great?! I love having a handyman as a husband :)

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