Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Wook, it's Charlotte."

The other day we were playing in the backyard when Brayden exclaimed "WOOK Momma!" It was an UBER emphatic "wook", so he caught my attention immediately. And when I realized what he was "wooking" at, I nearly dropped Connor right there in the grass and passed out from a heart attack.
I somehow maintained composure enough to get Brayden away from our eight legged backyard guest.

And ran and got my camera. True sign of a photog/blogger, right?! haha!

Just looking at these pictures gives me the creeps. I wanted to put something next to this so that there was a bit of perspective on how big it actually was. Huge, ginormous, massive... all words that come to mind.
I named her Charlotte. She was building her web on my child's playset. So unfortunately, Charlotte had to live a short life yesterday.

Yes. You read that right. After Charlotte had her glamor shots in my backyard, she met Jesus. I just couldn't try to catch her, release her, and then be forever haunted that someday Brayden would find her or her offspring and try to play with them. I know this probably makes me "ungreen" or something like that, but really, spiders just freak me out.

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