Friday, September 16, 2011

Pulling Up.

After reading some of my posts from when Brayden was 10 months old, I had started getting worried that C was going to be behind in some things, namely his movement. Not that I was really WANTING things to move as quickly, because Lord knows I can barely keep up with the one moving child in my house, much less TWO. But just as quickly as I started to quietly wonder if my second born would ever walk, he started scooting. The scooting has turned into warp speed army crawling, and due to (what I think can be attributed to) spending some time with Colson Rowe last weekend, Connor started ACTUALLY crawling this week! He still prefers scooting, as he is pretty efficient at getting to where he needs to go, but definitely tries classic crawling atleast once during each trip to his intended destination. Thanks Colson for teaching Connor the ropes :)

And as if crawling classic style wasn't enough, C-man decided that he'd try his hand at pulling up this week too. Imagine my surprise when I heard Brayden say "Tonden do it hisself momma!" and looked down to find Connor pulled up on the dishwasher as I was cleaning dishes.


Little stinker! A part of me is relieved he's atleast achieving things when it comes to moving around... but then there's a part of me that thinks "oh my gosh. what the heck am I going to do with TWO now getting into EVERYTHING in my house!" ha!

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