Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend in Review.

This weekend has been awesome for so many reason. First, I finally felt back to 100% on Saturday. This is a HUGE, HUGE, praise, and it is the first time in nearly 2 weeks that I have felt like myself. The timing couldn’t have been better for my complete recovery, because my mom decided at the last minute to come for a visit. We’ve so enjoyed having her here to play with us during our Labor Day weekend! And the icing on the cake was that this weekend was the opening weekend of college football! Ahh yes… fall is here.

Friday mom got in after the boys woke up from their naps. Drew was off of work on Friday to catch up on studying for school. Since Friday was the first Friday of the month, we headed to the Bentonville square to check out the First Friday festivities. Brayden always LOVES First Friday because of the live bands, but he especially liked it this month because they had all kinds of BMX stunt stuff going on. Seriously, he sat there and watched for a full hour. You guys know it had to be good if it was good enough to make him sit still that long! Ha!

look at his teethies! He has 4 now- 2 on top, 2 on bottom!
we didn't get to stay long enough to get to see this little guy in action... can you believe they start this young?! Talk about giving a mom a heart attack!
at one point in the evening, Brayden found a spot on the curb and sat down all on his own accord. He was MESMERIZED.
I know B is out of focus, but I love this picture of Drew. Such a good daddy!
we were parked right outside Northwest Arkansas' biggest claim to fame-- The Walton 5-10... also known as the first Walmart :)
he called this stunt the "human road bump"
oh you know, no big deal. Just going to JUMP OVER YOU WITH A BIKE.
such a handsome boy, even if he doesn't smile :)
these guys jumped off that big stage!
this has to be the coolest contraption ever... it's a bucket at the front of this bike, that can fit 4 kids! I was mesmerized!

Saturday Drew had to study most of the morning, so mom, the boys and I all headed to Chick-Fil-A for a fun play lunch date. Before we headed out I attempted a picture of the boys in their Razorback jerseys.

almost set...
nevermind. I've resigned to the fact that pics of both boys together is not happening for a while.

Connor had his first nugget during our lunch at CFA, and I’m pretty sure he’s hooked! The boys both slept well after our lunch date, and we spent most of the afternoon just hanging out watching football. Brayden was so cute watching it because anytime someone would have a big hit he would look at me and go “WHOA! Did you see that?!” And then reenact the play by running with the football and then sliding to the floor. That boy cracks me up! Mom watched the boys for us on Saturday night so we could go on a date/find somewhere to watch the Hog’s game on TV. We finally ended up finding two empty seats at the bar at Applebee’s. Although it wasn’t our first choice, it ended up being the best place to watch because it wasn’t as crowded so we were able to talk a little too. Funny moment of the night was when a man came to the bar around half time. He was SO loud and kept yelling at the players on the tv. At one point, right after a play happened, he turned around and yelled “Did you SEE that?!” You know, because no one else was probably watching the game at that moment ;) Everyone was kind of chuckling, but the thing that almost made me fall out of my seat laughing was when he declared loudly “I am the most electrifying fan EVER!” Yes. He said it. And I laughed. I also laughed when I texted my mom to ask her about the LSU game, and she replied “It’s the 2nd inning. LSU 9 Oregon 6.” Good laughs, good laughs. (And if you didn’t catch why it’s funny… innings are for baseball. Quarters are for football).

Sunday we went to church. When we walked out of the service the temps had dropped several degrees. It SMELLED like fall, it FELT like fall, and hopefully it will start LOOKING like fall. I just breathed deeply and smiled. When the boys woke up from their naps we headed to a park for the first time in MONTHS (it’s been so hot we’ve not been able to go!).

a half hearted "cheese" before heading down the slide.
working in the rocks :)
Connor seriously LOVES the swing. He starts squealing with delight whenever he sees it!
The minute we got there, Brayden ran to the ladder. Drew looked over and said "uh, doesn't that scare you a little?" I think I have lost all sensitivity to what should scare me and what shouldn't.
please tell me this picture makes you laugh. He is HILARIOUS.
he loves danger.

After the park we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant and ate dinner as a family. We spent the remainder of the evening outside enjoying the weather.

probably telling me something about superman.
the charismatic preacher comin' out in him. probably giving a "hallelujah" about the weather :)
Connor still army crawls everywhere he wants to go, but sometimes he'll get on all fours and then stick his bottom straight in the air and hold this position for a while. so funny!
went for a walk around the neighborhood after we put Connor down for bed (don't worry, my mom was at our house to watch him)
enjoying his wagon ride before bedtime

Such a great weekend, and it extended into Monday since Labor Day was this week. But since I have so many pictures I decided to break it up... you'll have to come back for more pictures later once I get them edited :) Have a great week!

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