Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend in Review part 2: Labor Day.

On Labor Day my mom woke up feeling better, so we ate a chocolate chip pancake breakfast and headed for the trails since the weather was gorgeous. Brayden was SO excited to ride his bike :)

We also ran (well, not literally) into a deer that was just off the trails... do you see her?
IMG_2504 She's tucked back behind the tree a bit. She wasn't really that scared of us or anyone else on the trails. She minded her own business, chomping away at the leaves. I have to admit I was a little scared she'd get frightened and just charge out of there. Thank goodness that wasn't the case!
IMG_2508 Brayden loves it when Daddy helps him go fast. Drew's back on the other hand, is crying uncle :) IMG_2511 a rare still moment with the boy. I think it was because he secretly wanted a sip of the stranger's drink. Yes, he likes to share drinks with anyone he meets. Gross, I know. IMG_2512 This picture cracks me up, and is such a great representation of my life. Drew looks like he is pained by the fact he has to take ANOTHER picture, and Brayden looks like he could care less and has better things to do than sit and smile. ha! IMG_2517 B saw this pig and said "I wanna ride the 'oink oink'." IMG_2528 this bridge was too cool to NOT take a picture of my cute baby. Although he had pretty bad bed head since he was napping during most of the trip at the beginning. IMG_2550 ever wondered why C is smiling so big in the pictures? now you know :) IMG_2575 this is the sky observatory (or something like that. I can't remember it's exact term). Really cool, yet odd building on the trail. IMG_2583 Brayden channeling his inner super hero.
After we walked the trail we headed back up toe the Bentonville square. My mom had never been in the Walton 5-10 store before (it's now a Walmart museum), so we quickly perused through there, and then ate a little snack. The boys got to ride in the little truck, that is a replica of the truck Sam Walton drove until the day he died.
Mom left shortly after lunch on Monday. When the boys woke up from their naps, we headed out to attempt a photo shoot with the boys. I've pretty much determined that I won't be able to get pictures of them together without (a) an epic battle and (b) wailing and gnashing of teeth. I'm sure the people that were shopping at the Promenade thought we were crazy screaming "peek a boo" and "I pity the fool" (the only thing that will get B to even crack a semi-smile during pictures-- go figure!). The things we do as parents :) We had bribed Brayden with a trip to the park after we were done with pics, so we let him play a bit before heading home for a little grilling-- a last summer hoorah of the season :)

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