Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend in Review: Girls Weekend!

Ahhh.... do you hear that? What? Yeah, me neither. That was the sound of me exhaling loudly after my weekend with my girlfriends. A weekend with just us girls, and most importantly: no children.*

*I should note that we all love our children dearly, however I have to be honest and say that a getaway to mentally refresh was much welcomed by all of us (if I can so speak for ALL of us.).

We left Northwest Arkansas early on Friday morning. My aunt and cousins agreed to take care of my boys while Drew worked a half day at work. She is a gem, for more reasons than just agreeing to watch my babies. Love you Aunt Kelly, Uncle Paul and girls! The weather was absolutely to die for... picture perfect. We arrived in Kansas City around lunchtime and went to eat a cool little burger place called Blanc. It had a really neat, modern atmosphere, and I ate the BEST salad EVER. We hit the town right after lunch. I was kind of a party pooper and dropped out of the shopping early because I was SO tired. Connor's been waking up at 5am, and I don't help things by staying up late. So I went back to the hotel by myself, parked myself by the heated pool and laid out and did my bible study. It was so refreshing because no one was there (well, there was one other lady there, but she was pretty quiet, so it was nice to be able to hear the wind-- not often I can say that-- haha!). We went out to a nice Italian restaurant later that night. After dinner we all went back to the hotel, got in our jammies and watched Bridesmaids. No one else had seen it, which was surprising to me since I had thought it was SO good when we saw it in theaters. We all laughed and then crashed after the movie... kind of made me feel old considering that back in college it was nothing for me to watch a movie, have it end at midnight and still feel like the night was young.

Saturday we all got up and headed to a local mall. I was in search for a white shirt (we're having family pictures made in a few weeks and I still hadn't found the shirt I needed). I found some great deals at baby Gap for the boys, and at the LAST store I visited I was able to find the shirt I was looking for... at Penney's of all places! Saturday afternoon most of us headed to a big sports bar and grill (they had 76 televisions... if that gives you an indication of the size of this place) to watch the Hogs game. When the girls arrived (I had to meet them there since I was shopping) the staff said all the Razorbacks were upstairs. The girls kind of thought that was weird the way they said that, but didn't really think anything more about it. When they got upstairs though, they realized that it was the local chapter of the Arkansas Alumni Association! It was probably close to 80 people there, ALL to watch the Hogs! SO fun! It wasn't fun,  however, watching the slaughtering that Bama laid on the Hogs. I am fearful that this season may be a long one. (insert frownie face). Saturday night we hadn't made dinner reservations. This probably wouldn't have been a HUGE problem on a regular night in Kansas City. However, we were there during a BIG art festival. The night of the Taylor Swift concet. AND Homecoming. SO.... places were booked. We ended up at a restaurant we never really even considered at first, and it ended up being so fun... and GOOD.

Sunday we headed to Cheesecake Factory before we left town. It was my first experience there and I have to say that I am a FAN. My omlette was good, even if it wasn't the one I had originally ordered (don't worry, the manager was awesome and took care of it for me). I also split a piece of their apple pie cheese cake. Kind of sounds weird, but oh my goodness, it was TO DIE FOR. After we filled ourselves silly we headed back home. After 3 days I can't say I was PINING away wanting to get home, but I was super happy to get a big hug from a certain little toddler. And there was a little baby here that was SO happy to see me, that when I put him down so I could get some things done before community group, he cried. Made my heart smile that he missed me so much (and BOTH dimples were showing if that is any indication as to how big he was smiling when he saw me enter the house). I love my boys more than anything. But I needed a mental break so that I can be a better mom. It was SOOOO good to get away with friends, and even more importantly to get some uninterrupted ME time. A BIG thanks to Drew for stepping up and taking care of the boys all weekend. He's such a good dad, and so supportive of me being able to do things to keep my sanity. I don't know what I'd do without him (and I have to admit that it feels kind of good knowing that he will be able to relate a bit more to me on those long days since he had to do it himself when I was gone). I took a bunch of pics when I was there, but obviously since I just got back tonight and had some babies to hug and community group to attend, the pictures took a back burner to other things. I'll get them uploaded this week and post them soon :) Hope everyone has a good week!

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