Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Cooper.

Remember when I celebrated baby Cooper and then we went to visit him in the hospital?

Well, I was scheduled to shoot his newborn pictures just a few days after he was born, but all hell broke loose with my health and I was in bed for a while due to an apparent kidney infection. Thankfully I peeled myself off the couch 9 days after he was born. These are my two faves from the shoot.


Funny story from the shoot: I always have the parents hold a small heater over the baby. It helps keep the baby super warm and (hopefully) asleep. Coop was undressed for most of the shoot, and at one point I looked down and he was peeing straight into the heater! We just had to laugh, and also sigh a little relief that nothing bad happened with liquid going straight into a plugged in electrical equipment!

And finally, right before I left I snapped this shot, and I think it's so sweet. Paige is such a sweet big sister!


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