Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Accents. Vlog Style.

OK, so if you're on twitter then you might have noticed the big talk of the accent vlogs. And I caved. And in the process convinced Drew to do it with me... ha! I would just like to make it known to any who come across this and don't read my blog regularly that I have just come out of a major illness (kidney infection) and so because I still don't feel the greatest I haven't really done my hair or put on makeup for the good portion of two weeks. I promise I don't look this rough all the time- ha! Enjoy laughing at us :)

my accent vlog:

Drew's accent vlog:

If you want to see more of these, my friend Jenna has a link up for some others. And if you do this, I want to know! I love hearing how people talk!

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