Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wrestling, Haircuts & State Champion Watermelons.

We've had a busy week... full of lots of fun things. Here's a little recap in pictures:

I totally forgot to blog about this watermelon in my weekend posts. My mom bought a watermelon from a farmer on her way to our house. It was GINORMOUS. Like, so big it wouldn't fit into our fridge. haha! Drew had to take it outside and carve it up-- I think it made about containers of watermelon. CRAZY! Brayden decided he'd take a ride before his daddy cut it up :)
So, after our trip to Target in which a woman told me that she had hair just like Connor when she was little and they always called her Fuzzy Monkey, I knew it was time to cut his hair. I'd been dragging my feet a little because i just loved his shaggy hair, and he's still so much my baby that getting his hair cut again kind of tugged at my heart strings a little. So we got it cut, and I could cry he just looks so big :( It is a cute cut, and I am getting used to him being such a big boy, but part of me wants that baby shag back just because I can't handle the fact that he's growing so fast!
I mean, really?! Could he be any cuter?!
We had a going away party for some of our friends the other night. This was my attempt at getting a pic of B. He's just not into pictures right now, unless ofcourse...
He's the one taking them :) haha!
ps-- everytime he takes a picture (which is often now, because he finds my phone and knows how to turn on the camera on it) he will take it, take a quick glance at it and then say "oh, dat's cute (which he says as toot-too funny to correct him), dat's a good one!"
This was Connor at the going away party. We put him on the basketball court (it was a smooth concrete) and he went to town scooting all over and eating dried grass :/
tonight Brayden and Drew were having their nightly wrestling match and Connor started squealing and scooted as fast as he could over to where his daddy and brother were. Then he started burying his head into Drew's shoulder. He was wrestling with them! It was the cutest thing! I'm so glad he can finally partake in the nightly matches-- he's been watching yearningly for so long now. He was just too proud of himself being one of the boys!
Drew's such a good dad. I'm so blessed to have him help me raise these boys!

We have a fun weekend planned... hope yall have a great weekend!

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