Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Brayden | alternately titled "Things I Love About 2.5 Year Olds."

Dear Brayden,

If you're reading this when you're older, I want you to know that while I frequently talk about how hard the whole two year old thing has been, there are small glimpses that make me want to bottle you up and not let you grow old. Because I know that I have a mommy brain that frequently forgets the golden moments in light of the rotten ones, I figured I'd document some of the things that I just love about you right now.

  • You say "you're killing me momma!" And I can't help but laugh. When I ask you why I'm killing you, you respond, "well, because...." haha. You're too much little man.
  • Sometimes the minute I walk into a room you'll look up and say "Momma, you're so pretty." It gets me every time, and is probably one of my favorite things about having a little boy. Not many women can say that they have TWO (and I am even luckier to have THREE) boys in my life who love me and tell me I'm beautiful. 
  • On Sunday when we were watching ice skating you asked me to get off of the couch so that I could skate with you. We pretend skated around the living room, twirling and spinning. At one point you asked me to "put me on your shoulders like this" and do a spin. It reminded me of the movie Courageous where the little girl asks her daddy to dance, except I had a little boy wanting to dance with me. SO sweet.
  • You are OBSESSED with the Razorbacks. You want to wear your jersey every day, and if you see someone you will tell them about your jersey and how you are a quarterback and that you run really fast. Then you will get your Razorback football and pretend to score touchdowns on the living room floor.
  • You are obsessed with Goliath. You recently got a new story bible, and you will ask me to find Goliath in it, and then tell me about how they fought (and how they boxed, since you love the Veggie Tales version of David and Goliath). Sometimes you will tell me how you are big and strong, and then end the phrase with "just like Goliath.... and Daddy. He's strong like Goliath too." 
  • You have started having more imaginary play. You will "talk" on the phone (usually to Gigi), or you'll get in your play car and tell me that you're going to Sam's club (and sometimes you'll tell me you're going to Baton Rouge to see Gigi and Poppa D-- I think you miss them!). 
  • When I get on the on ramp to the interstate, you always tell me to go faster. And then when I get off of the interstate you tell me to not slow down. I think you like fast cars, which makes me TERRIFIED for you to turn 16 and start driving. 
  • You've started wanting to dress yourself. This almost always consist of basketball shorts, some type of mismatched shirt (usually your football jersey) and one day you even wanted to wear your cowboy boots with it. I let you, and finally understood why my mom let my little sister wear her princess high heels and tutu to the grocery store (at the time I was MORTIFIED). 
  • You are starting to embrace the big brother role more and more. I love how you include "Tonden" in the things you do, and how you ask for him when he's napping. 
  • At night when we put you to bed, you've started requesting the songs we sing to you. It absolutely melts my heart when you ask me to sing "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus." I love singing the name of Jesus over you before you fall asleep. Thank you for reminding me that life is short and that at the end of the day of I turn my eyes upon Him, everything will fall into place.
  • I love how when you wake up you say "Hey! Had a good day momma?" Makes me smile. 
Brayden, thanks for showing me that life's too short to not cherrish the little moments. For making me smile when I feel like frowning, and for teaching me that in the grand scheme of things, there's a lot more to cherish than regret. I love you with everything in me and more and am so proud to call you my son!


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