Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yo Adrian: The Living Room Boxing Club.

A few weeks ago Drew found 2 pairs of boxing gloves at a garage sale. He called me excitedly to let me know that he was coming home with boxing gloves for him and Brayden. I should probably be honest and say that I was a little nervous; we all know how rambunctious and rowdy my first born already is. I figured boxing gloves would add to this, no doubt, and leave some hole in the wall that we'd be left to fix and try not to be mad over. Regardless of my inward hesitations, I went along with the plan, because I just can't help but smile when I watch Drew do boy stuff with the boys. And let's just say that the gloves are a hit (no pun intended). Brayden calls them his "gloves" and will ask for them ALL. THE. TIME. We've made it a rule that it's only a game for him and daddy, and the boy just lights up the minute he knows there's about to be a boxing match in the living room.I managed to make it ring side the other night and captured some precious moments between Drew and B (and excuse the laundry everywhere. Before bedtime is usually when my house is messiest).
look who was ringside with me! He wants to play with the big boys SOOOO bad.
action shot.
Drew gets a little dramatic to make it more fun... is this picture not hilarious?!?!? (this also proves that Drew is the coolest dad ever)

Drew's also taught Brayden a special trick, but it's much better in video form. Enjoy!

watch out Rocky. He's coming after ya. And Adrian too.

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