Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend in Review.

We've had a busy, fun-filled weekend, full of friends, farms, football and earthquakes. Yes, earthquakes. I'll explain later.

Friday night we headed back to the local farm we visited a few weeks ago. This time we were there to help celebrate Brayden's friend Laci's birthday. This meant all of the boys friends were there. Brayden was BESIDE himself when he found out that we were going back to the farm. He was SO happy to go! Thankfully Connor was healthier this time around and enjoyed himself too.

the birthday girl. hard to believe she's already 3!
the farmer himself, checking out his crops
I thought my shadow was hilarious. Grown much? haha!
getting buried in the corn pit.
watching intently. Poor guy is always on the sidelines these days, though he desperately wants in on the action.
meeting a 2 day old baby goat. SO sweet!
this goat was hilarious!
somebody thought the bandana looked good for dinner!
if these things didn't get so darn big and ugly, I might have fallen for the cuteness and gotten one for a pet (although they are rather loud when they don't get their way)
this picture makes me think of Brayden last year at the pumpkin patch. He wore the same overalls!
see the little pig??? It was running for it's life. Look...
poor thing! nothing like being traumatized the first few weeks of your existence.
Down on Grandpa's farm there was a .... ZONKEY.
he was saying "Yeee Hawwww!"
doesn't he look so proud?
going for a Pony ride.

Saturday morning we headed to swim lessons for the boys, enjoyed a family lunch at Sam's club, and came back home for naps. I had 2 photoshoots Saturday afternoon in Fayetteville. I have to say, Fayetteville in fall should be a destination on everyone's bucketlist. Driving downtown and seeing all of the maples in full autumn glory left me with a smile on my face and so grateful for God's creation and a camera to be able to capture some of the beauty. The Hogs also left a smile on my face on Saturday, putting a whipping on South Carolina. Of course, the BCS polls didn't really think that the beating of a top 10 team deserved much, dropping us in the polls and reinvigorating my dislike for computer generated sports rankings. But I don't really want to talk about that anymore, so I'll move on :)

Around 10:30 on Saturday we were watching the news. I was editing pictures on the couch and Drew was on our other couch. I started feeling what I thought was the dog scratching his back and it was subsequently vibrating the couch. It was about 20 seconds long. Right before it ended Drew and I both looked at each other and we both realized we had just experienced our first earthquake! SO strange! Apparently NE Oklahoma was hit by a 5.6 earthquake and NWA felt the tremors. It was all kind of surreal, and even though it wasn't anything too big here, it was still kind of freaky nonetheless. Never a dull moment around here!

Today I was up at 6am with a baby boy who just didn't want to sleep any later, despite the fact that the time changed and we had an extra hour to claim. He figured he'd claim that hour by reading books and playing with loud baby toys. I'm certain I will not appreciate DST again until my children are much older and actually think that sleeping is a hobby and not something to buck against.

We actually have a "down" week this week, so I am excited to catch up on some house stuff that has gotten put aside as our busy fall schedule has caught up with us. Hope everyone has a great week!

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