Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-r-Treating 2011

The fact that I survived TRT 2011 and am able to sit here and type these words is a feat worth blogging about. But seeing as how most of you read this blog to see cute pictures of my kids and listen to funny stories of how I tragically failed some parenting adventure, I'll spare you the tale of how (and WHY for that matter) I trudged 3 blocks with a 24 pound baby on one hip, while pulling the wagon with the other hand, and somehow corralling Brayden from house to house without having him run over by a car in the dead of night darkness.

We again went Trick-r-Treating with our friends in Fayetteville. It's just more fun when you have friends with you, so we travel for our fun. Funny story: Before we left I told Brayden we were going to Paige and Avery's house to trick-r-treat. B lit up and said "and Payton too?!" I didn't know if they were coming, so I said "Payton may be there. Is Payton your friend, do you like Payton?" And B shook his head yes and said "yeah. She's so pretty momma." Oh my word. He's only 2 and a half yall.

Here's a picture of most of the group before we headed out.
Brayden with his pretty friend Payton :) Don't worry, they won't be allowed to date for another 20 years.
B getting some goodies.

All in all we had a fun time despite a few meltdowns. Brayden was consistent with his dum dum pop obsession. The kid is in LOVE with them, and it was all he wanted. He literally dropped a package of whoppers when the man handed him a dum dum pop instead. I much prefer chocolate, but to each his own. Hope yall had a fun and safe night!

PS-- Be sure to check out my blog friend Kat's blog, Living Like the Kings-- I'm the spotlight of the month for November!

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