Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving 2011

This was the first year we were brave enough to try carving a pumpkin with Brayden. He was surprisingly into it a lot more than I had expected, which was fun. I always love watching my kids experience something for the first time-- it's a serious joy that I am not sure that any parent could put to words but I am sure that if you ARE a parent you know what I mean.
we were setting everything up and I looked up and couldn't find Connor. After a brief panic attack, we peeked around the corner and caught him in the bucket-o-dirt (aka mom and dad had kids and don't plant flowers anymore-ha!). Pure heaven for the boy (and yes, he did eat a bite, if you really wanted to know). I'm thinking of wrapping this up and giving it to my boys for Christmas... I think they like this more than any toy I've put in front of them. ha!
Drew explaining what they were doing.
I love B's face is this picture. So inquisitive.
is this not the sweetest?!?!
ofcourse, he IS 2, which means he doesn't sit still the WHOLE time.
Connor took to the cut outs as teething pieces. haha!
the finished product. We had a little issue with forgetting about the teeth, so he's got permanent marker in his mouth. Oh well.
Daddy and his boys.

The funniest thing about these pictures is that they are wearing summer attire... and we're now in a freeze warning. Gotta love Arkansas weather!

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