Saturday, May 19, 2012

18 Months Old.

This little booger has sure grown up fast. It's bitter sweet, watching him enter into this new phase of toddlerhood. In some respects, I don't really want him to leave the infant stage (although I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that I am definitely over teething). Connor becomes more and more of a toddler each day. It's amazing the things he's picking up on, and Drew and I are constantly laughing at how silly he has gotten. His little personality is really starting to shine and I LOVE IT. He is my cuddler, my tender heart, and my Italian Stallion of a temper.... that boy can throw an F.I.T. if he's not getting his way-- and I thought Brayden was strong willed :)

He officially does not sit still for pictures. Trying to capture just a few to freeze him at 18 months was a challenge. I'm thankful for a certain 3 year old and my husband for getting the smiles that we did.

We also got his mischievous face. I get this a lot, especially if he's doing something he shouldn't be doing.

Some other things of note for Mr. Connor at 18 months:


  • wears 24months/2T clothes. Still wearing a size 5 diaper. Wears size 6 shoes.
  • Has 14 teeth with 2 more on the way; and I think that molars might be appearing too, so the # of teeth coming in could be even more. He won't let me get in his mouth to check so who knows.
  • Has become super verbal over the past few weeks. He now has a slew of words he says, although I'm sure that the average person on the street wouldn't know what he's saying. I can understand him though, so that's all that matters for now :)
  • if you ask him a question he will shake his head "yes" really slowly and say "uh huh." It's the cutest thing.
  • He loves to dance. I need to capture this on camera because it's precious and I never want to forget it.
  • He LOVES LOVES LOVES to say "HIIIII!" to strangers. It sounds more like "Haaaayyyy" in a really high pitched voice. He will wave at the same time. Boy's got an Arkansas accent and he's not even 2 yet ;)

  • connor_18months_33
  • He LOVES trucks, trains, cars, etc. He'll sit and play with those kinds of toys forever. While he is definitely all boy and loves sports, I can tell that he leans more towards fine motor skill activities.
  • He's officially obsessed with Brayden, even though they bicker all the time. The other day at the store I was having to get onto BOTH boys for punching each other :/ Ahhhhh the life of a boy mom. 
  • His official stats were 90th percentile head (big brains ;) ), 32 inches long, and 26.5 pounds heavy. He's in between 50th-75th percentile on height and weight.

  • connor_18months_23
  • He wants so badly to eat with silverware, but it ends up being a bit too hard for him so he'll eat about half of his meal with his hands and the other with a fork. He's working on it though. 
  • He's obsessed with the dog food (which we moved in our bathroom for this very reason). If he notices that our bedroom door is open, he makes a mad dash for the bathroom and immediately grabs dog food to throw everywhere. He does this while squealing/laughing gleefully. It should be noted that I DO NOT squeal nor laugh gleefully when dog food is thrown all over my bathroom. This too shall pass :)

Connor, each day that you learn something new you melt my heart all over again. I'm so grateful that the Lord placed you in our family. You fill places in our hearts that we didn't even know were empty. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face and for helping me grow in ways I never thought possible. I love you sweet boy! ~Momma

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