Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kansas City Family Vacation, the T-Rex Cafe.

After the entire day at the Kansas City zoo, we were all pretty pooped and VERY hungry. Drew and I were both a bit leery about going out to dinner with two boys who were tired, but since we were pretty much going to have to eat out regardless, we threw caution to the wind and made the 30 minute drive to the T-Rex cafe.

When we got to the entrance of the restaurant I knew it was going to be a hit. Brayden was in awe of the dinosaurs and kept telling Drew to "wook Daddy! Wook!"

We walked inside and it was even cooler. Literally HUGE dinosaurs were all over, the lights were going into in sync with the sounds. It was like Disney World inside. Even Drew and I were in awe! We were seated in the Apotosaurus area. Brayden kept asking me if the dinosaur was going to bite him, but then he wanted to touch him. I don't think he could really grasp if it was real or not.

I love this pic-- look how Connor is just staring at the T-Rex
Our dino dinner friends
Connor kept turning around and waving at them
there were several salt water aquariums around the restaurant. Connor LOVES fish tanks, so he was in HEAVEN!
We were seated on the 2nd floor, so this view is looking down into the main area of the restaurant. Cool, huh?
The kitchen of fire :)
The triceratops. The restaurant really encourages you to roam around and see everything. It's split into 6 different themes so there's lots of different dinos to see/touch

The food was pretty good and not too terribly expensive (we were expecting it to be outrageous considering it was an experience type restaurant). We had a coupon for a free appetizer, and we went early, so the boys were both held at bay from imploding before our meal arrived. I'm thankful we went early-- the line was pretty bad once we left around 6:30.

We left so grateful to find out about this place... it literally was just as big of a highlight as the zoo!

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