Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend in Review: Mother's Day Edition.

I guess the sign of a good Mother's Day weekend is barely enough energy to type a blog post, right? :)
I did get some rest thanks to my awesome husband picking up a shift here and there in the mommy department. He's a keeper for sure.

Friday night we didn't do much but hang around the house. After the kids went to bed (late I may add) I buckled down and started cleaning our wood floor. I say wood loosely, because it's actually the pergo stuff, that's fake wood and apparently you can't mop it without ruining it? So I actually get on my hands and knees and clean it by hand. I'd probably complain more if it were a big area, but it's not, and it goes by fairly quickly, especially if your husband helps ;) He did. After cleaning, and against our better judgement, we stayed up way past our bedtime to watch movie. I should probably have said "wasted 2 hours of our life" since the movie "Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy" was a complete waste of time. It was one of those movie's though that you kind of want to know the ending even though the movie sucks, so you end up watching to the end and then turn it off and say "why did we just do that?"

Saturday morning we took the boys to the gym for some childcare and Drew took me on a Mother's Day breakfast date to Bob Evans. The food was good and it was good to sit and talk with my love without being interrupted by flying sippy cups or pieces of egg :) After our date we headed to a friends house for their annual crawfish boil. I didn't break out the camera much, but Drew got a good pic of me eating my mudbugs :) I love these things and am so grateful to have good friends to sit around and eat them with.

hat turned back. Serious business folks.
One of my dear friends, Crystal. They were neighbors of ours before we moved. I miss living so close!
poor wittle guy got berled alive. He was yummy too :)
PS-- I realize these are less than flattering pictures of me. Keepin' it real.
As if Saturday wasn't packed enough, Drew and I headed for a friend's wedding on Saturday night. Dannis and I worked together before I had Brayden, and she has become one of my very good friends. She was gorgeous and the venue was amazing. Drew complained a bit about having to wear a suit. I'd love to tell you that I hate weddings too, but I secretly enjoy getting to go out with Drew all dressed up :) Sorry babe :) We had fun and ended the night with some Shake's Frozen Custard.

me and Dannis. I didn't bring my big camera and regretted it the whole night. Atleast I got a pic with my friend :)
not the best picture of either of us, but after about 10 tries at getting a pic together, this was the best we could do.
Sunday I woke up to a sweet little boy giving me my Sunday paper (it actually was thrown in my face, but it was sweet nonetheless) and breakfast in bed. Drew allowed me to eat in peace while he took care of the boys. LOVE him.

Drew went to a "man meal" (aka man shower, even though Drew and several of his male friends told me I could NOT call it a shower. Whatevs... they bought gifts for the dude getting married, so it was a shower) after church, so I had the boys solo for a bit before naps. I caught Brayden with my heels and couldn't resist a picture. He told me they were his "super shoes." Glad he thinks I have super powers (and if you know me well, you know I don't do well in heels to begin with, so B isn't far from the truth there :) ).

Sunday afternoon when the boys woke up from naps, we headed to the local splash park. Brayden was SO excited that we were going, but then when we got there did not dig the water at all. Like, cried about it. Coming from my fearless, I'll do anything child, this was a bit of new territory for Drew and I. We still got plenty of laughs, because Connor thought it was the best thing in the world and quickly caught on to the fact that if the water was low, it was soon to spout out. He would run from fountain to fountain, laughing gleefully and waving hi to everyone. Silly little guy.

before he decided he was scared of it.
I love this photo. It's a perfect depiction of Connor. Running around non-stop, and chasing people down to say "HIIIII!" haha.

This weekend has left me so grateful for a husband who will make sacrifices so that I will feel loved and appreciated. It's reminded me of two of the greatest gift the Lord ever placed in my life: Brayden and Connor. It's made me ever so grateful for my own mom, who has been a stellar example of a woman who loves despite hardship and presses on when most would quit. I am immeasurably blessed.

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