Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend in Review, Part 2: Playing at the Creek.

After Drew's graduation on Saturday, all of our guests left town, leaving our little family with some free alone time, a rarity these past few weeks. I had heard that the local splash park was open for the summer, so we quickly changed and went to the splash park. A certain 3 year old (and perhaps a certain momma too) was very disappointed when we got to the splash park only to find it closed. Guess the info on it opening so soon was just a rumor.

We decided to not let our party completely fizzle out, and headed to a local creek instead. Both of the boys LOVE creeks, especially ones with rocks on the banks. They'll sit and throw rocks for HOURS if we let them. We found a little shady spot and watched the boys gleefully splash around and toss rocks to their little hearts content.

really, I just can't get over Connor's baby belly. I'm in no rush for his sweet chubbers to go away
Brayden has (sometimes) started to ask to have his picture taken, and will even give a genuine smile. I love these two guys so much!
PRE.SHUSH. I hope he always loves his daddy as much as he does now. There's no one else on Earth I'd rather either of my boys to emulate than this man.
some candid moments, complete with awesome sunflare.
love him.
I rarely embrace the camera. Thought I'd come out for a bit :)
poor Con-con is so allergic to something in the air. By the time we left his eyes were swollen and bloodshot.
Brayden even decided to pretend (he's big into that these days and I find it incredibly cute!) that his stick was superman. That stick flew all over the banks of the creek. I'm pretty sure he eventually flew in the water too... flying is what "superman" sticks do best :)

"Superman to save the day!"
I love his little imagination.

The evening was a perfect cap on a perfect day for our family, and made us ready for our lake day with friends on Sunday. I'll post those pictures soon :)

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