Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Some Randoms...

  1. Camera Info: I've had a few people ask me about what kind of camera I use. I have a Canon 60d camera body, and also have a Canon 24-70 f2.8L lens on that body that I shoot with almost 100% of the time. I also own a Canon 100mm macro lens. Rarely do I use it, just because it's not an ideal lens for shooting kids with. If you'd like to know how I ended up deciding on this camera set up, you can read the post where I detailed my gear in depth, and also read how I edit most of the pictures you see on my blog.
  2. Questions: I've had several new readers since I last threw out a call for questions. I'm pretty much an open book, so if any of you have something to ask, ask away. You can either ask in the comments, or if you'd rather be more secretive, you can email me too.
  3. Phone Pics: I've started becoming one of those people that annoyingly takes pictures with their phone. EVERYWHERE. I'll be honest... I used to judge. Not anymore though. I love being able to snap a pic of my kiddos when we're out and about, without having to lug around my nice camera. Maybe one of these days we'll actually replace the point and shoot that B broke oh so long ago. Here are a few of my favorites taken recently...

  4. IMAG0087
    My new house has a peony bush and I LOVED having the fresh blooms this spring. Unfortunately they have a short life, so the bloom season was short lived. It was beautiful while it lasted though :)
    We do lots of park playing these days. The boys love it. Connor loves going up and down the steps like a big boy.
    Brayden chose to spend his Target birthday money from Uncle Mike and Aunt Rina on this outfit. He loves it, and asks to wear it daily.
    One day last week Connor literally screamed for close to 3 hours. Once he got a couple of bites of sandwich, he was good as gold... and passed out from exhaustion. It's a tough life.
    I have a million pictures like this. Brayden will be sneaky and steal my camera and I'll find him underneath the ottoman taking pictures.
    We went to Target the other day, and Brayden thought it was so funny that his hair was all poky when he laid down in the basket.

  5. Panic Attacks: I'm having minor panic attacks over the boys MDO program ending this week. I realize that this sounds slightly spoiled, and that there are plenty of moms all over the world that have to deal with their kids on a 24x7 basis. Mentally though, MDO is my sanity. It allows me to step away from the madness of being a SAHM and breathe. I come back refreshed and I think it makes me a much better momma and wife. Breathe in. Breathe out. We will make it through summer :)
  6. Pottery Barn Backpack: I ordered Brayden a big boy backpack. He's had a Stephen Joseph bag since he was 1, and honestly I just wasn't impressed with how it's held up over the past 2 years. Between that and the fact that he's kind of outgrown it a bit, I decided to bite the bullet and get B his own PB backpack. I realize they are a little pricey (even with the 30% off and free shipping), but they are made so well and I just LOVE the patterns that they offer. I let Brayden choose the pattern of the bag. Of course he chose camo :) Can't get the redneck out of the boy, no matter how much I try :)

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