Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Day/Last Day of School.

It's crazy to me that we're already through with the "school" year. I snapped a few pics before Brayden went to school last week on his last day. They had a water day that day, thus the play clothes he was in. I think we were both sad this year to see "school" come to an end; He's been asking for his friends and teachers already and we're only on week 1 of summer.

Left- First Day of School. Right- Last day of school

(the container in his hands were his grapes he had for breakfast for that morning. He would NOT let it out of his sight, so I decided not to fight that battle ;) ). Oh, and Connor now wears those shorts he was wearing on the first day of school. How in the world did my babies grow up so fast?!?!
Get ready summer, cause here we come!

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