Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend in Review Part 1: MBA Graduation

Whew. If you see me downing coffee by the gallons this week, it's because I'm trying to recover from our fun-filled weekend. It was NON-STOP fun the entire weekend. I've been praying it would make the boys sleep better, but after them both waking up this morning at 6:30, I've decided my children have endless amounts of energy and will continue to wake before the roosters regardless of activity level. (sigh). Because of our weekend so jam packed and me subsequently taking a billion and one pictures, I decided to break things down into 3 separate posts. First things first... Drew's graduation!

Drew actually finished class about 8 weeks ago, but wasn't able to walk until this weekend. Neither of us chose to walk for our undergrad, so Drew had always said that he wanted to walk for his MBA. I was a little leery of bringing two toddlers to a college graduation. I figured it could go exceptionally well, or being an epic failure. Drew's best friend Curt, and his family drove up from central Arkansas for the festivities, as well as Drew's dad.

We got there about 30 minutes before the ceremony began. During that time Connor threw 2 suckers at the lady in front of us. Thankfully said lady was a grandmother, and her two grands were with her, so she understood. At least she said she did. I kind of felt like she gave me the stanky eye after the second sucker flew over the pew into her purse. At that point I took suckers away and tried my hand at the squeeze pouch of apple sauce with Connor. Bad idea. Epically bad idea. We ended up having to leave the cathedral 5 minutes into the ceremony because both of us were covered in apple-strawberry sauce, and Connor was screaming. AWESOME. Curt saved the day and took Connor outside so I could get some pictures of Drew when he walked. Brayden was actually really well all things considered. The cutest part of the ceremony was during Drew's time to walk. I had told Brayden that we could cheer really loud for daddy when it was his turn. So B waited patiently the whole time. They called Drew's name and everyone, including B, clapped. Then it got quiet as he was hooded. And then Brayden yelled "YAY DREW!" As loudly as he could across the cathedral. Everyone in the building laughed. if you know Brayden, he's very much a ham and thrives off of making others laugh. So he said again "GO DREW!" A few less chuckles and I figured it was time to go outside with toddler #2. Ha!

The commencement address
the president of JBU presenting the Masters grads
Drew walking up before his name is called
getting hooded
Look at that smile! (It might be because we were all laughing at Brayden saying "Yay Drew!" ;)
Daddy with his crazy boys
An attempt at a family picture. Connor ABHORES being next to Brayden if they are both still. I have no idea why, but I find it slightly comical.
The best one out of the bunch.
Drew and his dad
Drew and one of his best friends, Curt.
Brayden, with Curt's oldest son, Eli. Brayden LOVED having someone close to his age here to play with him.
Drew and one of his friends from school, Jonathan
Brayden's already practicing for class of 2026
I'm so very proud of Drew! He's such a hard worker and all of that hard work has paid off. Way to go babe! You did it!

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