Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kansas City Family Vacation: Day 2: Coco Key & Union Station.

(You can read Day 1 of our Family Vacation here and here)

We all woke up on Saturday (day 2) of our Kansas City vacation exhausted, but ready to hit the ground running regardless. For the 2nd and 3rd night we stayed at the Holiday Inn Coco Key Resort. The hotel was awesome and the water park even better. It was perfect for the boys-- they had a small zero-entry pool that had two slides, water buckets that dumped, and several fountains. Then in the bigger part of the park was a HUGE playset. Think the largest playground equipment set you've seen, but there's water squirting EVERYWHERE. Above said equipment is a HUGE bucket of water that dumps out periodically over the entire park. Our little family of 4 didn't know it dumped out, and so the first 10 minutes we were all welcomed with a nice shower of water. This freaked Connor-man out, so he spent the remainder of the time at the park apprehensive about things.

This is what the park looked like on a normal minute... but if the bucket was dumping out.....
you were soaked. Is that not insane??? We were right under that big parrot on the left when it dumped the first time we were there. No wonder poor Connor got freaked out!

Brayden was big enough for all but the largest slide at the park, and took full advantage of everything it had to offer. He was literally non-stop anytime we were in the resort. It was absolutely perfect in every way for him.


Saturday afternoon we all took naps after a long morning at the water park. When we woke up, we headed to Union Station, the old train station near downtown Kansas City. The boys were a little young to enjoy everything that Union Station offered, but they did like the model train exhibit.

union station_kansas city_2
Sometimes when I'm in places like this I wonder what kind of stories the walls could tell.
union station_kansas city_3
The picture above this one is the main corridor for the train station. Each side of the corridor was lined with doors such as this one.
union station_kansas city_7
sibling pictures just don't happen these days.
union station_kansas city_8
union station_kansas city_9
union station_kansas city_11
union station_kansas city_12
union station_kansas city_14
Connor loved the "choo choos"
union station_kansas city_15
You could make crayon rubbings of different types of trains

After the train station we headed to little restaurant nearby called Fritz's. It serves burgers and fries via trains. The entire concept is pretty cool and I was certain it would be an awesome experience with the boys. Unfortunately Connor and Brayden were pretty cranky pants, so we spent most of the meal trading off who take care of a child.

fritz's_kansas city_5
fritz's_kansas city_3
fritz's_kansas city_1
fritz's_kansas city_2
This was our actual food basket being lowered. Drew was out with Connor, so I didn't get any pics of B and I while we ate our meal :(

After Fritz's we headed back to the hotel, where we swam the night away, and topped off the vacation with none other than ice cream cones (the hotel has an ice cream parlor in the lobby!).

cocokey_kansas city_2
cocokey_kansas city_4

We loved Kansas City!

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